Simple Mehandi Designs/Simple Mehndi Design


By Prerana,

Last time I made a simple mehendi design, so this time I thought of making a bit tougher one especially for those who like tougher designs in mehendi. Nowadays even Mehendi Tattoss, arabic mehendi are  in trends which can be done with Mehendi stencils too so if you think it is difficult to make these designs you can make use of them (Just In Case)

simple nail art mehendi design


So lets start with drawing a stalk with a bud and a small leaf at its base


Mehendi designs

On the left side of the stalk, draw a long leaf and draw leaf veins. Then from the left side of this leaf, from lower side of your palm draw small arches as shown below.


Simple nail art


Fill those arches with shading the inner corner dark and upwards with flower petal like structures.


simple nail art designs


Above these arches, just from below the thumb, draw the same kind-a arches but with heart shaped flowers. This design is till 1st finger.

Indian bridal mehendi designs

Now comes to right side of your palm and 1st draw a similar leaf on the right side from the starting point of stalk. Now draw two arches, fill in with checks and heart shape flowers on top of it.


Arabic heena designs


On the small finger draw small arches, fill in with checks and on top of the arch draw round flowers. On the ring finger keep is low with a small creeper type plant design.


arabic heena mehendi design

In the middle finger draw small buds on both side of long stalk, in the 1st finger draw similar arches with filled checks and small round flowers on top and same design on thumb too.


Simple mehendi design

Your mehandi design is ready..

Mehend design

Just for a detailing, draw this creeper plant like design on back of your hands, this will give a look similar to a bracelet..


Simple Arabic mehendi design


Hope you liked my design πŸ™‚



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