Simple Mehndi Design For Hands


By Prerana,

Hey lovely ladies.I hope you are having fun today 🙂

I had a sudden surge of playing with mehndi and wanted to try some simple mehndi design on my hand.I tried below mehndi design which is very simple .:dance: :dance:

Clicked some pictures too so that you can understand it easily 🙂 so here it goes:)

Step1.Clean your hand and apply mehndi oil, if you don’t have mehndi oil then you can skip it.Now draw following design on your hand.


Arabaic mehndi design

Step2– Now fill up the designs with lines and flowers as shown.

Mehndi designs for hands

Step3 – Now draw 3 curved columns upto the fingers .

Simple mehndi design for hands

Step4 -Fill in the three columns, the first and last with straight lines and middle one with round flowers as shown in pic.

Mehndi design for hands

Step5 – In the ring finger draw the following pattern. Below is a small flower and above it a triangular shaped design.

Simple mehndi design

Step6 – Now draw designs on left over finger tips.

Arabic mehndi designs

Step7 – And finally on your wrist and complete the design…

Mehndi design

STEP 8.Tada !!!…you are done. Now let it dry naturally and once it starts getting flaking. Make a solution of lemon juice and  sugar and apply on the flaking mehandi with cotton…this will intensify the color, many girls already know this but still I shared the tip in case anyone is a beginner here 🙂


Bridal Mehndi Design


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  1. Prerana I too love mehndi ..sometime i get the itch to try few of the feels creative and mehndi tattoos also look so sexy naa;)

    • Along with fun, there is another “Fayeda” of mehendi….you get chutti from all house hold work for that day :dance: :dance: :dance:
      my hubbu does all the cooking and serving job when there is mehendi on my hands 😛

  2. Prerana this design is so simple and too good :yes:
    I would like to add 1 more tip for mehndi. When you are removing the mehndi, don’t wash it with water. Just scrape it off with something, and apply cocnut oil. Leave it on for few hours and then wash it with water. A tip my friend had given me :))

  3. Nice design…simple and pretty…i too love mehendi…to get a deeper colour you can aslo try rubbing amrutanjan balm after scraping off. ANother tip is heat a pan and roast some illaichi and let the heat of illaichi get to your palms…

  4. tis tip is new to me too Mitra…but its great tip, specially amrutanjan balm tip was un expected type, may be the company should change their slogan – ak balm, kai kaam :rotfl: :rotfl:

  5. One tip is, apply coconut oil after scrapping the mehendi, the design will turn out too darkish….yes it worked for me.
    Second tip is….after few hours of applying mehendi, take a cotton, dip it in sugary water or honey or coconut oil and simply dab on the design so that it will absorb the moisture of honey or coconut oil. This also gives good color. I learnt this from my beauty parlor lady.


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