Simple Mehndi Designs – Tutorial


Mehndi design is an art and learning it is not that difficult.A little bit of  practice and one can get hold of  it without much of an effort. In fact anything creative doesn’t seem to be an effort when one is passionate about it 🙂

I don’t know much of mehndi but do like to experiment every now and then. I am sharing here a simple way of applying any mehndi design which I follow.

To start with, take a pattern from a book or if you want to have your own pattern then go ahead :). Outline the pattern on your hand keeping in mind the space available on your palm. For example, if you have a small hand then a big peacock is not going to look that interesting. In beginning it is better to start with some flowers and leaves. One seldom goes wrong with flowers  in nail art or mehndi design 😀

Simple Mehndi design

Start the design from your palm and stretch it to the fingers. In the end you can complete the outlining of the wrist.

Simple Mehndi design for beginners

Now start filling in the design. There is no set define rule, just go with your imagination. I like using crosses and circles more .

simple mehndi design for beginners

and I am done 🙂

easy mehndi design for beginners

arabic mehndi design for beginners

I just did one  finger and small design on the rest three. I will probably share some interesting finger designs with you in near future .

Mehndi designs

One just need to practice 2-3 times… it is just like doing painting with sketch pen 😛

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  1. :dance: :dance: :dance: i discovered my new love for nail arts and I just forgot how much i was in love with mehandi in my past!!
    everytime there used to be orange color on my hands..even it it is a small flower then also..
    :ZZZ: :ZZZ: You have awaken my sleepy desire


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