Simple Mushroom Curry Recipe -Wise She Weekend Treat


Be it pizza, curries, pasta  salad or soup,  mushroom is something which I enjoy eating all the time :eat: .Yesterday I made this simple creamy mushroom curry which is quick to make and doesn’t have many calories to upset me either . This recipe can be served with rice,  rotis or bread and if you have guests at home then it can be used as a side dish too .

So lets start with the recipe 🙂

simple creamy mushroom curry +Indian mushroom curry


Frozen green peas or you can use fresh boiled peas(1 cup),
Two -three   chhoped tomatoes,
One Chopped Onion,
1 packet button mushroom (around 15-20),
1tsp.Ginger garlic paste,
100gm corainder leaves chopped,
2 cup milk,
1 tsp.ghee,
Salt to taste,
Coriander powder 1tbsp,
Cumin seeds 1/4tsp.
Garam masala – 1/4 tsp.
Chilli powder as per taste
Pepper powder as per taste
1/4tsp.Fennel Seeds powder(Saunf powder)


Method and Preparation:-

Step1 – Take a pan and add oil in it.When hot add cumin seeds, fennel powder.
Step2- Add ginger garlic paste and chopped green chillies.
Step3 –Add chopped tomatoes and fry them till  they are soft.Add  all the powders  except salt and pepper.
Step4 – Add mushroom and saute them till they are soft.
Step5– Add green peas and milk and keep stirring the milk to avoid curdling.
Step6-Add salt and pepper and wait for five minutes for the gravy to get thicken.
Step7 -Garnish with chopped coriander

Curry Recipes+simple creamy mushroom curry

Serve hot.I spread the left over mushroon curry on a brown bread and sprinkle Parmesan cheese and microwave it for a minute.

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  1. Yummy! Mushrooms r my fav and I luv eating them in any form, in any dish..This is super special and m gona BM this for sure..And the best part is..its so easy! 🙂 🙂

    Thanx A! :-*

    • welcomee.and thanks for bringing me back to cooooking..:-*….its creamy with no extra caloriesss….i use the curry for dinner and in morning use it on break with cheese as breakfast….

      • :-* :-* Ive been looking forward to recipes..As u kno i reach home late and its such a headache to sit and think of something to cook..and if its a elaborate dish then its too time consuming and irritating..trhis is perfect!

        Ive never used milk in any of my dishes till date and m waiting to try it out! 🙂 :drool:

  2. Hey Anamika,
    I loveeee mushrooms, the saunf powder is a distinct taste enhancer n that’s what makes this dish so sp n hatke, will definately try it out, thanx! 🙂

  3. nobody in my family ever tasted mushrooms 😀 but i love watching mushrooms tht grow everywhere in our garden during monsoons :-))

  4. omg.. Anamika know what.. mushrooms are my favorite :heart: I prepare this the same way as u have mentioned except for the curd. Will try with curd now 🙂 Thanks a ton dear 🙂

        • oh yes..its one of my fav things and one of the few starters i can make..hehe..i cut off the middle of the mushrooms with an apple rounder so i can put the stuffing in it..then i sautee minced onions, minced garlic and coriander leaves and some bread crumbs for crunchiness..add salt n pepper to taste, thoda mirchi powder if u wana …i also sautee mushrooms in a separate pan…and once done just remove and stuff! 🙂 🙂 can top with cheese also..yum-yum..


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