Simple Nail Art Design By Reddy :)


After seeing so many nail art designs on Wise She I wanted to contribute few of my own.

Nail Art Pictures Pink and blue

Pink Nail Art

Pink Nail Art Design

Hope you guys like it


Reddy 🙂

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    • but i found them really cute..i have short nails right now and doing nail art on short nails is such a pain 🙁

  1. Anamika, I went shopping again. :dance: :dance: Went with my friend and she spoke me into buying soft rose from colorburst . Hope it is good enough for me :fingersxd: And I got 2 more nail paints from lotus :dance:

  2. Thanks I hope so :)) Adn actually she is getting engaged and wanted me to accompany her. But we girls can’t resist temptation na 😛 😀

  3. Thanks anamika for posting ’em 🙂

    days before Feb 14th i was in a pinkish frenzy 😀

    that explains the pink pink

  4. i tried amazon. but would weigh me down with shipping. will see the site .I rem you sharing a coupon code with us. they did send a stamping plate for free :-)) . i “kind” of tried to use it…threw a drop of paint on the image,sliced the paint away with a visiting card and pressed a eraser piece onto it 😀

    Maybe if i try properly it would work out :-))


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