Simple Nail Art Design In Orange And Green (Happy Republic Day)


By Prerana,

Indian Flag Inspired Nail Art

Happy Republic Day to all beauties 🙂 :peace: :sheep2: :alien:
Its time to get patriotic, so I thought to paint my nails in the color of nation and do this nail art.

Nail Art Design

Step 1. To start with, apply a base coat on your nails, this will hold other colors better.

Manicured Nail Hand

Step 2. Now from the left side of your nail apply orange nail color vertically. My orange clor got little dried up so it didn’t glided as smoothly as other colors, sorry for that  🙁
Don’t do it in a hurry like me otherwise you will end up coloring your cuticles, if the color accidentally gets into skin, remove it with I ear bud stained in remover.

Nail Art  pictures

Step 3. Now apply white color adjacent to orange color carefully so that it doesn’t get over the orange part.
Bring down the brush from top to bottom and drag it slantly towards left as shown in the pic.

Nail art in orange and green

Step 4. Similarly apply the parrot green nail paint in the extreme right part adjacent to white nail color. Draw the brush from top to bottom and drag it towards left slantly as shown in pic.

Republic day nail art

Step 5. Now with a zero brush draw little hearts on the white portion, as if to show the chakra of our national flag. Apply top coat over it and u r done…

nail art in orange

Now I will clear the leaked out nail color.

Enjoy The Republic Day !!!

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