Simple nail art design in Pink and Blue with step by step pictures

                                                                    Nails art
As promised to Manisha here is an easy nail art tutorial in pink and blue.You can do this nail art with a small brush or a striper brush which nowadays easily available in nail art and cosmetic shops as well.
So lets start with our hand painted nail art design in Pink and blue.
Step 1– Start with a base coat.I have used colorbar nail treatment.After this apply pink nail paint.Mine is Revlon Nail paint.Wait for your nail paint to dry for a minute .I am quiet impatient in these thing and have ruined my nail art  many times because of this habit .So you don’t be like me and wait for a while  😛
Now take a striper brush and dip it in any nail paint of your choice .I chose blue nail paint.It is not an exact blue but I thought this will look cute
Step3 – Now apply  two stripes diagonally on each nail .You do not have to perfect in it.Just go with the flow and apply little thick stripes.
If you want you can stop here also but I wanted thin stripes also with the thick one like laurel and hardy .. So with every one thick stripe I applied two thin stripes too.
  Finish it with a seal coat and you are done .. Quiet simple isn’t?
Nail art brought smile on my face in this beautiful weather of Hyderabad but this smile lasted for a minute as my maid is again on leave…Godddd why meee

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  1. yaar u r in gud shape.. u dont need to worry! 🙁 but i have to 🙁 and i just cant get enough motivation! 🙁 🙁 even the easiest things seems difficult nowadays 🙁

  2. You should try wearing rubber gloves when washing dishes. I rarely wash dishes, but when I do, I make sure I'm wearing the gloves. It definitely prevents my nail paints from chipping.
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