Simple Nail Art Design On Artificial Nails


Guest Post by Shesher,

I am using artificial nails for two reasons mainly one, my own nails are ugly and unfit to be displayed as model, and two, I find it easier to work on them for the purpose of demonstration.

nail art design

So I have attached a couple of artificial nails on pens to serve as the fingers. Now let us go through the steps…

nail art design easy

Apply any light, sheer polish as base coat. It is best to go with one of a natural, floral colour.

simple nail art design

Draw the outline of a flower with a black nail art pen, or an eye-liner like I have done, as it is easier to rub off the liner if the drawing goes wrong.

Fill the petals with a vibrant, opaque colour in tune with the floral theme

pink nail art

Alternatively, fill the petals up with black nail polish

simple and easy nail art

Fill up the centre of the flower with black if the petals are coloured  or with the colour if the petals are black

Now draw the outlines of leaves and/or stem in the empty space around the completed flower

flower nail art design

And fill them up with green and  clear polish as top coat and the art is complete 🙂

floral nail art design



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