Simple Nail Art Designs – White Disco Nail Art + Yellow Siena Nail Art


Hiya girls!


It’s been ages since I did a Nail art post here. So here are  two of ‘em for the time being J

These are super easy to do . The colors I used are a staple in every girl’ Nail closet so you can try them the moment you check them out  🙂

Let’s wrooommm then !!

White Disco Nail Art 


white nail paint nail art+nail art on white nail paint+Nail art blog



I am not a huge fan of  white paint donning my nails. I would have said the opposite  if I were a wee bit fairer or  maybe not. Nevertheless, we choose what looks good on us 🙂

I got some block prints done on a white kurti using multiple colors. This tickled in an idea and I did  the thing.


What you need ?

snow white nail paint reviews+Nail paint street wear NOTD

  • Dotting tool/blunt pencil
  • White paint –Street Wear Snow White
  • PinkPaint- StreetWear Metro Girl
  • Orange paint – Colorama Citrico


You can use acrylic colors too. Coat a Base coat . It’s a must as it protects your nail bed. I use Lakme Spa Line No more yellow ! . Paint the nail in white . Starting from a corner draw a unfinished curve in dots. Cascade the dots for the “ effect “ . I used pink and orange. You can use any color under the sun. I happen to like the matrimony of pink and orange.


Yellow Siena Nail Art 


Orange and yellow flower nail art notd+Yellow and orange nail art


This is a fairly simple one. Many must have done variations of this but it never ends 🙂


yellow nail paint flower nail art+Nail art blog+Yellow nail paint


I seem to have developed a yellow-philia given my proclivity to everything yellow these days. Its such a lovely color-be it on walls, dresses, cars



Yellow- Elle 18 Nail pops No 49+Nail art street wear white nail paint



 What you need ?


  • Dotting tool/blunt pencil
  • White paint –Street Wear Snow White
  • Yellow- Elle 18 Nail pops No 49
  • Orange paint- Colorama Citrico


Paint the lower nail diagonal in orange and the upper in yellow. Dot the flower in white. In second pic I did a double dot on white with a red ( to add depth ).

Again, you can use any color you like .

Peace  and loads of money girls 😀



More Nail Art Tutorial here



  1. bery bery pretty…both look really nice A…m gona try the first wala tmoro …its nail paint change time! 🙂

    is gud to see ur nails back in action! 😉 🙂

  2. ohhhhhh it will be so much fun…..we will place all our nail art tooooollsssss…and then laugh , eat and enjoy doing nail art…………..

  3. Heya.. really pretty nail art designs you have in your blog.. I have the same NAP brushes and dotting tools like you but am seriously pathetic at nail art 😥 I am at a very basic level you can say.. and I have a query, how do you clean these brushes after use? :-)) have an awesome new year!! :laugh:


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