Simple Nail Art With Maybelline Colorma Artistica Verde Palmeira


This post is for Megha:)

I have few green nail polishes and one of my  favourite is Maybelline colorma artistica verde palmeira .Priced Rs 85 its a forest green colour with no shimmer in it .I have used just one coat here.

Maybelline colorma green nail polish

Did this simple nail art on the green nail paint with a nail art dotting tool and finished it off with a transparent nail coat from Maybelline itself.

Simple nai art design in yellow and green

Happy weekend every one 🙂

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  1. Hey I have the same shade from Street wear – its called olive green – just love it. But I wear it on my feet not hands – havent yet tried anythign colourful on my hands

    • olive green sounds like a beautiful green..infact wearing a olive nail paint is so much fun.Rupa try it on weekends na ..u will like it 🙂

  2. very pretty shade…..m not getting this shade i want this :bangbang: :jittery: ……u r a pro in doing nail art…..i too want to post nailart here :dance-leftright:


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