Simple tips to choose hair color that suits your skin tone

By Neha(Guest post )
When Bhumika asked about suggestion for hair colour I asked Anamika if I can do a post on hair color which suits one’s skin tone and Anamika agreed to it. I have a very simple tip to share whenever we think of choosing hair colour. I have shared this with many of my friends and it has always worked for them.
 Tip is that whenever you choose a hair colour always look at your wrist. You read it right , your wrist tells you exactly what hair color shade will suit you. By looking at your wrist you will be able to tell whether you look best in a cool shade such as ash brown or platinum blonde or a warm  shade like gold or copper.
If your veins look blue-ish  then it means you have cool tones in your skin. Now what is cool tone?
A color is categorized into cool tone when it contains green, violet or blue. Unfortunate thing about cool shade is that they appear quiet drab and that is why women with this kind of skin tone get their hair colored with brown.
Those who have cool skin tone can pull off dark browns and black better than many others.
If your veins appears blue-ish than you are lucky enough to choose most of the shades of hair colour except copper and brown.

If you are confused then Neutral brown is always a safe choice.
Always be careful which choosing a blonde shade as it can completely wash out a person.
Those whose veins appear greenish in colour can pull off warm tones such as gold, copper and bright red. Women in this range can pull off any colour except black.
Naturally there are exceptions to these rules but works 90% of the time.
I hope my simple tips will help wise she readers.
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  1. i wonder i have a greenish color veins for which should i go for a dark brown and will it suits my age too m 21 yrs old


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