Simple Toe Nail Art With Black Flowers


Hello Beauties!

Applying nail paint on nails definitely beautify our nails but making even a simple nail art on it can take you to next level which make others to look at your beautiful nails and also praise your talent.

So here goes the tutorial of

Toe Nail Art With Black Flower


Simple Toe Nail Art With Black Flowers+Flower nail art design +toe nail art designs


Of course, you all know that but we usually make nail art on hands and forget about our toe nails.

If you’ve time then try this simple nail art which does attract attention  to your new or beautiful sandal and also your toe nails.

I used –

  • Black nail paint.
  • Copper gold nail paint.
  • Bright blue nail paint.
  • Toothpick.
  • Top Coat and Base Coat.

Method –

First apply base coat on all toe nails.Then use bright blue nail paint and apply on all toe nails. Then let it dry.


Simple Toe Nail Art With Black FlowersJPG


Take a toothpick and make flowers with black nail paint.

Blue toe nail art


Then make a dot on center of black flowers with copper gold nail paint.Secure it with top coat. 🙂


simple easy nail art polka dots+easy nail art designs +


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  1. Hey vertika, this looks veryy pretty…dunno what to appreciate more, your nail art or your toes…mine are totally fugly!! :))


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