Simple Ways To Achieve Naturally Straight Hair At Home


Simple Ways To Achieve Naturally Straight Hair At Home

We often find ourselves envying others for those perfect straight hair that we have always longed for. But our wavy hairs make us go to those salons and parlors and get chemical treatments that not only cost us more but also lead to additional side effects like hair fall or greying of hair and similar due to heavy chemical use.

There are quite a few ways in which one could achieve straightened hair right at home that too without much effort.

Brushing and Combing

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It is the most common and simple solution to achieve naturally straightened hair. Combing wet hair after regular intervals of 5-10 minutes leads to the dried hair being straightened to a large extent. In fact, while combing if the wet hair are tied together with rubber bands at close intervals, it also straightens the hair. Keeping hair tied overnight in such a manner can give straightened hair next day.

Milk, Coconut and Honey Mask


Mixing milk, coconut milk and honey can also act as a natural straightening mask for hair. Hair prone to pollution and dust are often dry and lack nourishment. Milk and coconut milk remove the dryness and mixing honey along leads to straightening effect.

Milk and Egg Mask

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Mixing egg with milk can also add as a natural straightener providing the required nourishment and straightness as required. The keratin from the eggs and protein content of milk make it a raw combination to straighten your hair naturally and providing them the required strength.

Honey, milk & strawberry mask

Strawberry is a natural straightener and is often used in most marketed products we use for hair care. Mixing it with milk and honey leads to natural and harmless straightening of hair. It should be followed by a hot towel for long lasting effect.

Hot Oil Massage

Massaging warm oil into the scalp directly can also provide naturally straight hair. A hot towel followed to this 30-40 minutes massage can astonish you with its results. Oil Massage is pretty beneficial as it opens up the pores of your scalp making them stronger and straighter.

Banana and Yoghurt Mask

Another natural mask to achieve straightened hair is the banana and yoghurt mix. It gives the natural straightening vitalizes when mixed with honey and olive oil in right quantities.

Coconut Milk and Lemon Juice

Mixing lemon juice with coconut milk acts as a natural cream to straighten your hair.

Castor Oil

Use of warm castor oil to massage your hair for about 40 minutes twice a week also acts to straighten your hair.

Eggs & Olive Oil

Use of eggs with olive oil also acts as a natural conditioner to straighten your hair without having to go through the chemical treatments at the salons. Keeping this mixture on your scalp for about 1 hour does the trick!

Conditioner and Almond Oil

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Adding a few drops of almond oil to your conditioner also can act wonders to straighten your hair. Every time you shampoo put two drops of almond oil on your conditioner and keep this mask on your hair for 5-10 minutes. Almond Oil has a natural Vitamin extract that helps envisage the straightened hair all the way.

All these solutions are worth a try as these save you money and help you achieve naturally straightened hair without having to sit for hours with chemicals on your head.

Have you tried these easy ways for naturally straight hair at home?

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