Sivaana Colors Shimmer Bricks Review, Photo & Swatch


Sivaana Colors Shimmer Bricks Review

Hi Girls!! Don’t we all love when we get to know about dupes of some high end products, and the best thing is when the dupe turns out to be really good?? Well I came across a dupe of Bobbi brown shimmer bricks and its Sivanna colors shimmer bricks. Forget being a dupe, I think it is a full copy. Nonetheless, the makeup enthusiast in me doesn’t judge a brand, and as long as we get good products we are happy right??

cheap eyeshadow bricks shimmer eyeshadow

Sivanna products have gained a lot of popularity lately due to their good quality and well-priced products, and one of their bestsellers are these Shimmer bricks.

I purchased it from Impression store in Karol bagh, but it is easily available in many beauty stores and it is now available on amazon as well. I tried to get some details on the website, but sadly couldn’t find much, other than the fact that it’s a Bangkok based cosmetic brand.

Price– Rs.350(price may vary)

About Sivaana Colors Shimmer Bricks

Be a radiant star by simply applying a small quantity to cheek bones or a light dusting all over. Helps absorb excess oil from skin and gives your skin that celebrity look imported and formulated in Korea. Apply proper amount with tip of finger of brush (not included) to achieve the star look on your eyes, cheeks or body.

sivaana colour shimmer bricks

  • Professional Make-up Kit
  • Suitable for all types of Skin
  • Create A Radiant Glow With This Illuminating Powder
  • Nourishes And Hydrates The Skin

My Overall Experience With Sivaana Colors Shimmer Bricks

Well I don’t have bobbi brown shimmer bricks, so I will not be able to compare it, but as a product on its own, it is amazing.

There are 5 shades, 4 of which are bronzers shade and one is pearly white, which is a highlighter. All the colors are extremely pigmented with just one wipe. The shimmers are not chunky, rather its well milled and feels soft and buttery when touched.

The colors work beautifully together as well as on their own I generally mix all the dark shades for bronzing my face and the light shade is a gorgeous highlighter.

The Highlighter, though it looks off white, settles down to a gold finish on the skin. Since it is extremely pigmented, its very easy to get overboard with it, hence please ensure that you use a soft hand at the time of application. The highlighter doesn’t end up enhancing the appearance of the pores which is always a plus. And this highlighter easily lasts for 7-8hrs.

The dark shades on the other side lasts for 5-6hrs only, but when the dark shades are all mixed together it forms a beautiful shade of Rose gold. It blends beautifully on the skin, adding a nice glowy warmness on the face. Its perfect for evening looks. Again, its important to use a very light hand at the time of application as one can easily look like a disco ball.

sivaana colour shimmer brick swatches

What I like about Sivaana Colors Shimmer Bricks?

  • Very affordable
  • extremely pigmented
  • super blendable
  • lasts easily for 6-7hrs
  • easily available online

What I like about Sivaana Colors Shimmer Bricks?

  • No ingredient list mentioned

Would I recommend?: Yes absolutely, have already recommended so many people.



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