Six Common symptoms of Pregnancy

By Gunjan,
Many woman don’t experience any sign of pregnancy or pregnancy symptoms for weeks .If one is extremely cautious and regularly focuses on its body then might suspect it otherwise most woman wont experience it until the fertilized eggs attached itself to the uterine wall , several days after the conception.
If you have has been trying to get pregnant for few months then it is quiet natural for your mind to  overdrive towards the end of monthly cycle .When you get your blood test done and find that there is an increased Human Chlorinic Gonadotrophin(HCG) levels then this becomes a sure shot thing that you are pregnant.
Below are some more sign and symptoms of pregnancy which one might undergo.
1.Fatirgue/Drowsiness-One might feel totally out of energy and exhausted in the initial days of pregnancy .This is due to the high level of the pregnancy hormone progesterone.Our body too take its own time to adapt itself to new level of circulating hormones.Drowsiness especially in mid-morning indicates that there is good amount of work in progress taking place in your uterus.
2.Food craving and Darkening of aerolas-It might sound like a cliche to you but food craving to some time is a sign of pregnancy.Surely it is not a sure symptom it might sometime just be in your head but if craving are with some other symptoms which are mentioned here then better start thinking about the date of your last period.
3. Darkening of your areolas-A woman skin around her nipples starts getting darker when she concieves.This might be due to hormonal imbalances too but generally it is considered as one of the symptom of pregnancy.
4.Going to the loo frequently-When the embryo implants in the lining of the uterus  starts producing the hormones HCG which leads to frequent urination.Urge of going to the loo frequently is more towards early morning as the bladder is full that time.

5. Spotting or cramping-A slight pink or brown stain or some cramping is experienced by few women around eight days after ovulation.It is some what like periods pain which is caused by the fertilized egg burrowing into the endometrial lining of the uterus.
6.A positive home pregnancy test and missed period is the most common thing which indicates that one is pregnant.
P.S-I am a science student but not doctor by profession .The article is based on my experience and research on the topic.


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