Six Job Interview Makeup Tips


Post by Nancy

Hi Everyone,

Being a woman brings a lot of responsibilities w.r.t. looking good :P. It remains all hunkydory in our college days but goes for a toss with work-life. Often, in MNCs, you’ve open culture as to how you look. However, the interview part still requires a certain level of guidance regarding how to dress up or how the makeup should be applied. I’d like to share some of the tips which will help you in doing makeup before you’re going for a job interview:

Makeup tips for interviews

  • The first priority is to look professional. So while you’d not want to do a party makeup, and keep it low, but also never go with a no-makeup look for your interview.
  • Foundation for interview: Foundation should be needed only in very thin amount, most often, not at all. Try not to use it unless your skin tone is highly uneven. Similarly, over use of blush may put unusual shine to your face, so go for the one which gives a more natural look.
  • Concealer for interview: Select a concealer which matches your skin tone and use it to ‘conceal’ any acne or other flaws.
  • Eyeshadow for interview: For eye shadow as well, you’d not want to come across as a Cannes or Oscar night celebrity in your interview. Pick natural colors like cream, grey or brown. Use a think black eyeliner which serves just the purpose.
  • Lipstick for interview: Coming to the lips, a lip gloss can be disteractive. Lipsticks with pink shades (mostly light) are common. Again, try to be the K-serial bride with strong colors and it’d give a repulsive look. Also, for lipstick, you should choose the one which leave the matte effect.
  • Icing on the cake: ensure your nails are trimmed, filed and clean. Choose a nail polish that’d be coherent with your overall look and doesn’t glitter too much.

As you’d do on your friends’ birthdays and all those parties, take some more time to get dressed and apply makeup instead of doing something in a hurry. When you’re looking good, it’ll add to your confidence about carrying yourself properly and help you deliver your best!


  1. hi nancy nice tips…..thankfully i never had to give any interviews…i have been my own boss since i started working…. 😀


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