Skin aging – How to prevent skin from aging

 By Shweta Reddy ,

 Every day our skin is exposed to harsh sunlight, wind and varying dergrees of heat and cold.Some times I feel that our skin faces a kind of punishment. Imagine how much of work our facial skin does every day. From eating, engaging in conversation and and making all sorts of facial expressions. Isn’t it too much for it? On top of that we wash our face, scratch it some time and wipe it every now and then.

skin aging - How to prevent skin from aging

 We do all this because we want to look as beautiful as we can. I even think that society also has lot of role to play in this. There is a great deal of pressure on all of us to look good and keep ourselves beautiful. What ever may be the reason few simple steps can help our skin in looking vibrant and prevent it from aging.

 Lets start with the most important step in keeping our face youthful which is face wash. Before washing, clean your face with oil free make-up remover. Now use luke warm water and open your pores which gives thorough cleansing to the face.

 Avoid using water which is too hot as that will dry out the skin .Even using too cold water can irritate the sensitive skin therefore luke warm water is considered best of all.
Soap is not recommended for cleansing .It is always better to use soap- free cleanser.
Never rub your face too hard instead consider gently massaging your face in a rotating motion.Rinse your face thoroughly as left over residue can clog your pores.Pat dry and finish it off by applying an alcohol free toner to your face.

Lastly apply a light weight moisturizer to your face which doesn’t contain many chemicals.Prefer moisturizer which has aloevera or vitamin E.Also, using cleanser which are alkaline in nature can over dry your face skin which can result in acne .You can confirm whether your cleanser is alkaline or not by the way your skin feels after applying it.If it feels tight then the cleanser is too alkaline.

Now when you know the correct way to wash and moisturize your face let us know how to protect your skin from aging.For this always use sun block every single day of the year. Use skin care products which contain Retin- A which prevents and reverses the signs of aging.

If you follow all the above things and still feel your skin is aging then considering a skin care professional is always advisable.


  1. Hey….simple tips which we tend to ignore…nice one Shweta.

    Small tip i'd like to give here, to make your moisturisers/creams work better, pat pat and pat with gentle fingers all over your face. This helps in your cream seeping in and doing a better job…

    Merry Christmas!!! Ho ho ho

  2. Oyye this is a fantastic tip..i will publish it as a beauty tip….and now u r doing ho ho ho then give out christmas gift also santa :D:d

  3. hi all, here i would like to add one more tip, after cleansing apply toner to damp skin. apply Moisturizer also on damp skin instead of total dry skin, this will allow moisturizer to absorb better into skin…
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