Skin And Health Benefits Of Grapefruit


Skin and Health benefits of Grapefruit

Grapefruit like its name suggests, is a cross breed fruit made from orange and pomelo. It is a Caribbean fruit and is known for its tangy and bitter taste. But it has a lot of benefits which we beauty enthusiasts can hope to extract from.

I am going to share the various benefits which you can reap. The fruit is pretty rich in various Vitamins which are essential for our body like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Along with it, it has foliates which give the necessary roughage to the body. It also is rich in calcium, iron and magnesium which help the body to recuperate from a lot of issues easily.

Skin Benefits

The benefits of the fruit are numerous and if we talk about the skin, we can benefit in the following way:-

Anti-ageing properties of the grapefruit are totally awesome as the potassium rich fruit helps in fighting fine lines and wrinkles.

The vitamin c of the fruit works as an anti-oxidant and helps to fight daily basis skin hazards as a result of pollution and dust.

The amino acids of the fruit also help to benefit the skin making it softer and supple.

Health Benefits

The benefits of the fruit are worthy of a special mention when it comes to health as it has the necessary cure for many of the chronic diseases which are a matter of scientific research till date.

Eye care- Because it is rich in vitamin A, it is a great source of carotene for the eyes which helps in keeping the vision intact and improving it as well. So, if you think you need to improve your eye sight or prevent it from deteriorating, this fruit is a good source of the necessary inputs required.
Arthritis- this fruit helps fight arthritis because of its rich calcium content.


This fruit is seen as a good respite for cancer patients. Its Naringenin content helps to cure and repair DNA in the case of cancer cells in the prostate. It additionally also has pectin and other flavonoids which help in preventing various types of cancer.

Cholesterol problems: Grapefruit also helps in reducing the cholesterol levels. It can reduce it by as much as 15% through regular consumption.

Gum problems: it helps reduce gum bleeding through regular consumption.

Kidney Stones:  It is beneficial in reducing the risk of developing stones in the kidney.

Healthy Hair growth: This fruit is also very good for human hair. It actually helps in hair growth due to its vitamin C and Vitamin A content. The seeds of the grapefruit are also good in curing dandruff.

Thus we see that the fruit is fundamentally prudent to consume as it cures a lot of problems that we usually find hard to combat. We should encourage the consumption of this fruit for our family and kids as well. It is good as a salad, as a juice or directly as a fruit as well. Also it is very beneficial if you are trying to lose weight. It helps to keep you filled and energetic causing lesser hunger pangs leading to weight loss.

I believe this fruit is a great find and if we try it immediately, we sure are in for many tangible benefits out of it.


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