Skin Break outs /Acne cure – Wise She reader question


Hi Anamika,

A heartful thankyou for all the great tips and reviews. I’m sure it benefits many like it does to me!!!
I have a query regarding break-outs. For me, usually skin breaks out if, there is a change in product and it does not suit me. What are the remedies to cure break-out???

Regards and Thanks,

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  1. Seema,,,this problem exist with most of us Iguess..this is why when ever I start using a product I try doing a test patch and if it doesn't harm me as such then i continue with it..

    rest most imp thing is that check out the ingredients..this way slowly you will come to know about few ingredients which might break you out..

  2. I have dry skin and when ever I use any new product I apply tea tree oil before going to the is little drying but then product doesn't break me out.with this I use lot of vaseline in winter on face.

  3. seema, skin breaks out when facial pores gets blocked.You can try using a facewash/clenser containing salicilic acid (or beta-hydroxy acids). They are very effective against acne according to dermatologist.

  4. Ya deep clean range of Neutrogena contains salicilic acid.
    Best will be, if you have your family doctor or a skin speacialist you know well, consult him, he will also be helpful to you medically against acne/pimples. U know, many a times acne are bacterial infections.

  5. @ Mitra i have used Saslic DS long back. Doctors prescribe it, when u have beakouts but i think it dries the skin…Can i used it on dry skin???

  6. Anu…its ME …ME…bhool gayi mujhe?? 🙁 mummyyy….

    Saslic is good Anu….i shifted to other face washes in a desire to find a better one…but when i'm on a breakout i invariably return to this one… try it….


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