Skin Care for Combination Oily Skin-Suggestions


Hi Ma’am… 

Hope you are doing gud  I am Kamali, 22 yrs old college going gal from Chennai.  I have been following all your reviews n articles about various products in wiseshe website.  I found them very useful for me and started using products from your suggestion. Its working out very well for me. 
You do a great job and i am a big fan of yours.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH 
After reading your reviews & suggestions i thought you would be the right person to whom I can share my problem and get good suggestions. Yes, now am in need of a favor from u ma’am. Hope u would do for me. 
About my skin
  • Soon after i come from shower my skin looks VERY DRY. And after few minutes it turns to be OILY and a couple of hours later VERY OILY. 
  • I DON’T have any PIMPLE or acne.
  • I have DUSKY complexion.
 Products Am Currently Using:
  • Pears germshield bathing soap ( for both body & face )
  • Ponds Flawless White Face Cream (DAY)
  • Lakme RosePowder with Sunscreen
  • Ponds Flawless White Facial Foam ( in the evening alone )
My Problem 
  • OILYNESS  That is my biggest issue. I feel very sticky n greasy through out the day and i don’t feel fresh at all until i keep washing my face.
  • I exactly don’t know about my skin type  Because it’s dry at first and oily later for the whole day.
  • The T-Zone s VERY OILY and especially on my nose.
  • I look fair after using POND FLAWLESS WHITE FACE CREAM (DAY). But that remains only for few minutes after which i look very oily 
  • I do have wrinkles under my eyes and dark blemishes around my mouth.
Now I am on vacation and college starts in next 2 months. I have to travel daily for 1 hour to reach my college in air-conditioned bus. My college timing is 7am-4pm.
You are my only hope who can solve my problem so please HELP ME ma’am 
Skin Care for Oily Skin-Suggestions
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  1. First of all, you would have to STOP using the pears soap for your face. if the skin leaves you dry then, it will be super-oily later. Trust me. A gorgeous option out is Nivea Visage ( which is actually way better than most other face washes which leaves skin dry (and thus, after an hour, super oily), or go for Neutragena Deep Clean facewash, which is also really nice. What i would also suggest you do is scrub your skin once or twice a week. A good option is Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Facewash.

    Secondly, do what Shahnaz Hussain did, and ALWAYS use cream on your skin with a bit of water, and then wipe off after 1 minute of massaging. White beauty has a mousse like consistency, and I would suggest you also try out Garnier light, which personally I find better on my super-oily skin. I like using Shalife Plus, which I use as a massage cream twice every week as instructed in the package. Another product which I would recommend is FabIndia Vitamin E Cream for OILY SKIN (note: there are 2 vit. E creams in FabIndia, so ASK about the one specially for oily skin, ok?),

    Use compact. This is one of the best ways of keeping off the oil. Lakme Absolute Wet and Dry Compact, another is the Maybelline Whitestay UV protect compact, both of them are really good. You can also try the Avon compact from their slightly pricey range (comes to around 200 when on offer, and its NOT The Simply Pretty one).

    Wash your face after every 4 hours. No Excuses. With a facewash. if possible carry your facewash with you, and make a small makeup bag where you can put in a small compact, kajal, lipstick, and other stuff for repair afterwards.

  2. Hey Kamali I too have combination skin dry in some areas and very oily around nose..i swear by vichy’s normaderm cleansing face wash and moisturizer. the moisturizer mattify’s the skin well. to keep shine at bay always use a compact ..revlon touch and glow is a fab compact and works very well in keeping oily at bay for 4 to5 hours for me..if your budget permits check out MAC as well…keep oil blotting sheets handy ..TBS has oil blotting sheets
    for face wash if vichy is expensive then go for fab india tea tree face wash..i love it or sebamed face and body wash

  3. poorna & pari… THANK YOU soooo much fr ur suggestions… 🙂 i ll try thos prdts n let u kno 🙂 hope des wud help me fr sure 🙂 🙂

  4. I also have oily skin… and Poorna seems to have solved your query to a large extent.. just want to add few points in it. Use a toner after washing your face (I use Fab India’s Tea tree toner and its good for oily skin), try to carry blotting tissues with you (The body shop tea tree Blotting tissues), also carry wet tissues to wipe of a really oily face and to remove that chipchipa feeling.
    Before steping out you may also try rubbing ice on the face after washing. :-))
    Hope this helps 🙂

  5. ya thnx swathi 🙂 i havnt tried usin blottin tissues… ll try it out 🙂 n usage f toner befr applyin cream ryt ?!!

  6. Loved reading the tips..once I had the same problem but after I came down to bangalore my skin type is dry..however once I go back home (kolkata) I face the same issue…Thanks everybody for sharing ..


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