Skin care for the woman in her 30’s


Skin care for the woman in her 30’s

Let me sum up the thirties to you in one sentence “This is the decade when you wake up to things you’ve never noticed on your skin before!”.

Skin care for the woman in her 30's+skin care for a 30 year old


Skin care for the woman in her 30’s.  I’ve just turned 32 and so this is a topic that is very close to my heart! No, No, sorry CLOSE TO MY SKIN !!!  As I was writing this article and looking at the above picture of my face I noticed that I’ve aged and I can actually see the areas that have changed.  Acne tends to become more hormonally driven, so the week before and during your period might not be pretty. ( This I experienced for the first time in my life last month)

Your complexion looks dull too, since cell turnover is slowing down.  Skin care for women in their 30s should be focused on halting the start of fine lines and wrinkles.  Gravity defying tricks to stop the formation of laugh lines.

When you enter your 30s, you know your skin well and feel comfortable in it.  Below are a few changes that you can make in your daily routine to take care of it.

  • Retinoid can be your best friend. Use it to four or five nights a week to keep wrinkles, uneven texture and loss of elasticity at bay. You can also smooth on glycolic or lactic acid to speed cell turnover.  Apply a mild at-home glycolic peel once a week if your skin can tolerate it.
  • Antioxidants boost sun protection and fight free radicals from UV rays, pollution, allergens and other irritants. The most effective include vitamin C and Green tea.Look for them in your moisturizers and sunscreens
  • Broad-spectrum sunscreen (preferably with antioxidants) during the day.  It is a must no matter how old you are. Sunscreen should be worn from the age of 10 but in your 30’s it is as important as the air that you breathe.  Apply a sunscreen that has a Sun Protection Factor of at least 30 to 50 and that too every 2-3 hours if you are in the sun.   So if you haven’t started preventive measures by now, it is definitely time to start.
  • Moisturize your skin because you may have noticed that your skin is a bit drier now than it was in your 20s. This could be a good thing if you have exceptionally oily skin, but for most people a moisturizer is in order. Go for a daily moisturizer that includes vitamins C and E since both of these help the skin absorb and retain moisture.
  • Cleanse your skin daily so that your complexion will remain clean and bright.  This will keep break-outs and adult acne at bay.
  • Use a toner after cleansing your skin as it will firm up your skin and close pores to prevent dirt and oil from clogging them up. It is best to use a toner after cleaning your face for the night, right before bed.
  • Exfoliate regularly with a scrub or washcloth daily, This will help your skin shed the dead cells that naturally builds up over time, leaving a fresh, healthy layer to show to the world.

Along with tips I am giving you a few warnings also:


  • Avoid sleeping with your make-up on since this will clog pores and make it very difficult to keep your skin clean and clear.
  • Some skin problems may be signs of cancer or other medical issues so get any unusual bumps, blemishes or broken blood vessels checked by a doctor.
  • Also please do a regular pap smear and breast cancer check-up.

Take care of your self in your twenties, maintain your self in your thirties and you will reap the rewards in your forties and fifties.

We are going to get there some day or the other, like it or not.

Are you in your thirties? Dreading it? Face it. What are some of your tips for healthy skin?

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  1. hmm… chris u send me into thinking mode… i am 26… n i think will need to pep up some of the steps i take for my skin.. cannot neglect it now 🙂 thanks dear 🙂 can u name few retinoid based products 🙂

  2. You look nice Chris…not 32 🙂
    I am 27 and follow my mother’s regime every 15 days – applying cream + pinch of turmeric on the face and wash off. Dont use soap to wash this, but flour. This has worked for her and I am guessing will work for me

  3. Hello Girls,

    Is anyone still facing acne in early thirties too… I am 30 and still facing Acne everyday. Right from my age of 12 i am facing it. Have taken so many medication, consulted many Dems…. Just wanted to know if i am alone..

  4. nice post be 30 in 6 months and trust me im nt looking fwd to it!!!lol..but i have been looking after myself so my skin is quite ok… n having oily skin is a boon … wrinkles /lines show up very less on oily ksin

      • u still have few years ana!i have 6 months :struggle: u know when my frnds husband turned 30 she actually got him a cake with a toilet made on it n the cake said after 30 life goes down the drain lol… she gt it as a joke for him…

          • oh he has a good sense of humour.. i asked her and shes like he took it in his stride!they dont live in india .. so i dint get to see the fun just saw piccies iof the cake

              • Loved all the ” going to be 30″ talk….well….I was just so sad on my 30th bday….and all my students purposely kept on wishing me…Happy 30th bday!!!!…..well 30 came and went…and do did a couple of more years….so shall it pass for all the would be 30’s….umar pachpan ka…but Dil bachpan ka….we are all sweet 16 forever 🙂

  5. Oh Lovely post Chris.You are so charming :beauty:
    I will turn 29 in next month and I have started taking care of my skin but I just wanna know hats the right time we should start using anti aging stuff like olay total effects and all? :struggle: :-/

  6. Hi Chrish 😀 First of all you are not looking 32 year old dear…so young…lolll :-*
    Nice tips as am counting the years to be 30 for 2 more yers… :timeout: :drunk: but scared and started now itself caring much… :beatup: :beatup: :X-P:
    Thank you for the wonderful post dear…. :hug-makeup:

  7. thats a wonderful post Chris… could you name some retinoid products too??
    ohh someone tell me some good eye cream…. trials are making me go bonkers!!

  8. Hi Pari! Ure using Vichy normaderm na? It has glycolic acid. N since it has salicyclic acid and other peeling elements too ur skin might not need more 🙂

  9. U still look lovely Chris. I too am 32 and I can notice that we both have this nasty under eye wrinkles. Do you know any cream that will wipe the lines off? 😥

    • well my eyes look like this when im tired….and i think im going to use that wunder eye think that Zara keeps talking about…otherwise i use clinique all about eyes. its nothing great but ok and i forget to use it. ya that is one thing im not pleased with ..the eyes..

  10. Hi ladies.
    You can use Melalite XL – It has Tretinoin ( the active form of Retinol ) & Brite Night cream ( it has glycolic acid ) for anti-aging. You can find them at Pharmacists. Use them alternately. And Only at NIGHT. Also, these anti-aging creams make skin sensitive to sunlight. So, you MUST use Sunscreen everyday.

  11. 😛 good post :yes: i might need it after a decade 😀 but thankfully i’ve started very good skin care since a few months and hope that it will give me good results later :-)) i believe aging is not an overnight process, and good skin care since your teens counts in the way and the speed by which you start to age 🙂 and your skin looks in a very good condition it’s quite plump and healthy looking at the age of 32 :yes:

  12. Hi Shreya,
    Yes. They both are available in India. You can get them at any Pharmacy. I have been using these for almost a year now. So, I can say that they are great ! You just have to take care of yourself in the sun while using them as it makes the skin sensitive. That’s all.
    Their main purpose is to increase your cell turnover & collagen production, which plumps and preps up the skin, hence providing anti-ageing benefits. Not only that, they also help in clearing acne & blemishes. That too BIG TIME.

    I hope this helps !

  13. Hey guys just sat down to read your comments today…..I feel so nice after reading them…I got a good product for you guys as far as glycolic acid is concerned. CLARINS clear softening Peeling – Gentle Renewing Lotion. Bought it yesterday cause my skin has changed and is not the same as it used to be.

    The added benefit is that the product has plant extracts and is not solely chemical…its good and i saw the difference today after I used it. like i did a facial in 5 seconds!!!!

    I will review it for you guys soon. As far as acne is concerend….just detoxify ure body often it will reduce and well just live with what remains…focus on the other good things that God has blessed you with.


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