Skin care regime before going to the bed


When you sleep your skin repairs itself. Market is full of night creams which do benefit your skin but not to the extent which you expect. A lotion which stays whole night on your skin should have marvelous effect which I haven’t seen .If you know some night cream which has done miraculously well then please do tell me about it. I would be glad to share it with my readers. Below here are some lotions and paste which I have used before going to bed and they can make you fairer and give you a clean and clear skin.

Firstly, I have used this lotion during whole of my teenage and my body skin is as silky as it can be. Whenever my school friends touched my hand they used to get surprised by the smoothness of my skin. Though I don’t use it now still my skin is smooth. If you start early with these things their effects last long. All you need to do is take 100 ml glycerin and add 2 tea spoon of gulab jal (Rose Essence)and 1 spoon lemon juice into it. Use this lotion on your face before going to the bed and massage it over on your face and whole body. Wash it off after an hour with warm water. If you don’t have problem keeping it whole night then you can keep this lotion for whole night as well and wash it off while taking bath next day. This lotion makes your face clean and improves your complexion as well.

You can also use Vaseline or petroleum jelly before sleeping but using it in winters is a better option. This gives that child like smooth and soft skin to you but doesn’t improve your complexion.

If interested you can also make a paste in which you take powdered chirronji (Cudpahnut), add 1 spoon of milai(milk cream) and pinch of haldi (turmeric). Use this paste on your face for half an hour before sleeping and wash it off with warm water.

Take cow ghee and squeeze half lemon into it. Beat the ghee till it start turning white. Before going to the bed use this mixture on your face, keep it for about an hour and wash it off with warm water.

You can use above lotion for some time and then change it with other option according to your result and suitability to your skin.

With these skin care solutions one must have good dietary habits as well. Having 2 fruits a day and less of fast food will give you early and better results that stay for long. Daily routine should be planned and followed religiously. One must try to get up early in the morning, have bath early and go for at-least 2-3 kms of walk. Do yoga or join gym or aerobic classes if possible. Also one should never have constipated stomach. If you are suffering from constipation then effect of what you eat or do for your skin will never bear you as much result.


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