Skin Care Regime For Glowing Skin Suggestions


Its time to get married and I want my skin to look radiant and glowing on my big day….SOS to all you ladies out there.  Give me your best skin care suggestions please…


Thank you all.16

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  1. my 2 cents:
    drink lot of water
    Dont forget sun screen when you go out.
    Oil your hair regularly and air-dry it. comb it atleast once a day. Dont sleep with open hair.
    Try applying castor oil over your eye-lids maybe once a week, this makes your eyes bright and helps keeping your body cool. But dont overdo this, you dont wanna have a running nose on your big day.
    And lastly Keep smiling !!!! 🙂
    Good luck!!

  2. Apply day & night cream, foot cream and body lotion religiously. It makes ur skin healthy.. Eat lots of fruits and avoid deep fried foods….

  3. Eat fruits in the morning on an empty stomach, drink atleast 8 glasses of water in a day, dont apply a lot of makeup..allow skin to breathe, dont touch your face, get rid of dandruff, eat well, sleep well and be happy : :-)) :-))

  4. firstly, many congratulations!!
    Here are my ideas – keep your face clean, don’t over load it with make up. next use a good face pack and scrub that suit your skin. Steam your face once a week, this helps in cleaning your pores and removing blackheads.
    Oil your hair twice a week and go in for deep conditioning every two weeks.
    for your body – apply warm coconut oil all over your body, soak in for like an hour or so and then use a good body scrub to wash it off.
    Eat healthy and drink lots of water.

    but the best tip I can give you is – workout!! 😀 It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any weight to lose, but just go for a brisk walk or do some deep breathing, you will see effects in a week’s time.

    Good luck!

  5. Wow Christina, Congratulations!!!
    So how much time do you have on hand before the big day?

    . To stay away frm pimples I would say do CTM religiously morning and evening.
    . Make sure the stomach is cleared regularly by having good amount of fruits and veggies.
    . Make sure you have your facials done from good hygienic place
    . Apply raw milk on face, neck, under eys, lips, if possible hands and legs too, it’ll improve the tone
    . Apply aloe vera to hair an hr before you wash.
    . Apply Aloe vera to face n neck as often as you can
    . Avoid junk food!!!
    . get enough sleep
    . Don’t try anything new on face until the D day unless you are very sure of it.

    All the best dear, Will wait for the pics here :))

  6. 1) Sleep max by 10:30 and wake up max by 6:00 am. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR A GLOWING SKIN, ATLEAST FROM MY EXPERIENCE. Within 10 mins of waking up, drink filtered water and eat a fruit with it. Take a walk after that for 30 mins.

    2) Within 2 hours of waking up, Have a good homemade breakfast. This is very important. Not only it would help you in having a healthy skin, but this meal also arrests aging.

    3) Cheese is great for keeping that glow on face.

    4)Drink lots of water. Eat fruits two times a day. Have a sweet not more than once/twice a week and have it as a separate meal. Having sweet after a meal destroys all its nutrients.

    5) Scrub twice a week. Apply homemade face pack twice a week. I make sandalwood, fullers earth face pack with a pinch of lemon drops mixed with rose water or filtered water.

    6) If you can, go for a hair spa. 5 sittings would be enough.

    7) Sunblock and re-applying it is a must. And, on all exposed parts.

    Though this isn’t for glowing skin, but if you can please meditate on God for atleast 5-10 mins. May God Bless you with a lot of peace and happiness. Congrats in advance!:)
    God Bless You:)

  7. hi all…. i read this article and after reading this , i thought i should take help from you all…. even am getting married,, i have just 4 months in my hands and m sick…. god!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t know wat to do,,,, have 2 start my shopping too.. m worried about
    my hairs
    my nails
    dark circles, elbows , knuckles ewwww
    my skin
    my dresses, types of footwear for saree, suits, jeans, shorts, skirts
    then offcourse bags, clutshes and wat lnot
    and yup even make up, makeup products i should go 4…
    have never been in makeup, always wore bellies or sneakers, jeans t-shirts,,,, and now don’t know wat 2 do……….
    plz help me…… plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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