Skin Care Regime For Glowing Skin With Budget Products



Skin Care Regime For Glowing Skin With Budget Products


Hey Everyone, Ana had a reader query and she wanted me to solve it for her. I must say I love my job 😀

Let’s read what the reader says

“please do a post on ur glowing skin but in budget as Ii can’t afford high end products and I am working mom with 2 kids I have no time for myself”

So she had a really tough request as she can’t go for any DIY’s so I had to do a skin care regime keeping the budget in mind but WiseShe has the answers to every question so let’s start.

Morning Routine

I’ll be sharing my personal skin care regime in two parts, Morning and Night as both of them are essential for you to have a glowing skin.

Cleanser : I start with completely cleaning my face in the morning to get rid of all that oil that my face factory has produced all night.

I use Himalaya’s Neem Purifying Foaming face wash to wash my face. This cleanser gives my skin a clean and refreshed feeling and doesn’t take out the essential moisture. And because it has Neem in it I am benefited in the acne department as well. This is an all skin type face wash so everyone can go for it 🙂

PRICE : 195/- for 150 ml.You may get it from flipkart here.


Himlaya Neem Face Wash


Toner : Toning is really really important but most of the people skip it, which indeed is bad for your skin. Toning closes your pores that your cleanser opened to get rid of the dirt and oil and also it cleanses that extra face wash residue from your skin.

And this is really important for you to know, if you’ve been sweating after applying a cream then kindly use a toner, your open pores make you sweat after you apply your cream

Keeping the budget in mind I use Dabur Gulab Jal as my toner which is budget friendly and available in so many size variants. Also if you have a little bit of extra time some day then make your own Rose Water, add a bit of mint if you have oily skin.

PRICE : 40 for 120 ml




Day Cream : I have been using Za True White Day Cream (*review coming up soon this week*) and I must say I am flooded with compliments. 😀 Everyone says Oh! You have a beautiful glowy skin 😛 (*touchwood*) . All thanks to the MSK ingredient of the cream which gives you a brightened skin, though temporary but I don’t mind using it every day. The cream is light textured and all skin types  And it also has SPF 20 so it doubles up as my sunscreen. And I lightly apply this on my eyes as well.

PRICE : 999

I don’t mind spending this much because it works really good and last for a long long time so the budget is managed effectively.


Za True White Day Cream


Night Routine

The cleanser and toner are same in the night time as well.

Night Cream : I use Za True White Night Cream after Cleansing and Toning and likewise the day cream it is really light textured and gives you a bright and beautiful skin when you wake up 🙂

Night creams are essential for everyone because they repair your skin while you sleep keeping you away from those fine lines and wrinkles. Most of the night creams are designed to firm your skin whilst giving you other benefits. And I tap the same cream on my eyes as I don’t want to elaborate my routine and also an eye cream means more investment.

PRICE: 999


Za True White Night Cream


Lasts for a long time as well 🙂

Weekly Ritual

I scrub my skin once in a week to exfoliate it and get rid of the dead skin so that I have a smoother skin  I prefer Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Scrub which helps me to get rid off the tan and calm my skin along with the exfoliation. After that I use a face pack of the same range

PRICE OF SCRUB : 225 INR.You may get it from flipkart here.



Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Scrub


P.S.- You have to take out this much time for your skin care routine if you really really want a beautiful skin and also watch your diet and drink loads of water, that truly helps.

I am sharing a picture of mine, so that you can have a look of my skin without any base makeup 😛


best skin care routine


What is your skin care routine?

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  1. Flawless n super pretty..<3 And great tips.. Okay now solve my query as well..m looking for a day time moisturiser for my normal to dry problem areas as such..m bored of FE and omved..:P

  2. you have flawless skin, love your fotd <3 I saw the za couner few days back but was hesitant to try their products without reading reviews, and here you are will wait for your reviews, very well written :))

  3. You are really pretty Ayushi with a super flawless skin! I agree with the effectiveness of all of these product which are apt for a person under budget! Great post! :yes: :yes:


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