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By Prathima,                   

Ah!…the cool winter climate…a time when you snuggle cosily among soft warm rugs with a cup of hot coffee..While we eagerly look forward to a cool climate after a hot weather, we also dread the arrival of winter. The cool weather can be harsh on our delicate skin stripping it of moisture.

But like they say ‘Prevention is better than cure’, right? So start tending to your skin before the onset of winter.

Winter checklist /Winter skin care tips


Skin Hydration

Keep skin hydrated by drinking plenty of clean water. You may not feel thirsty as you do in summer but nevertheless your body requires sufficient water to keep itself hydrated. It is important to feed skin with moisture inside out.

Cut down on tea or coffee.

Hot water bath

Avoid bathing in very hot water as this would strip skin of its natural oils. Instead bathe in warm water to open up the pores and cleanse the skin well.

After shower

After a shower, dab skin with a towel allowing just a little water to stay on your skin. Then rub in your favourite body lotion or exotic body butters onto your damp skin. This helps to trap a little moisture in your skin leaving it soft & supple throughout the day.

Facial skin care

The same goes for your facial skin too. Dab on a nourishing moisturizer onto damp skin and massage gently. Never pull the skin roughly but use firm upward strokes on cheeks, horizontal movement on forehead, chin & upper lip.

Skin care dry skin


People with very dry skin can massage your body with coconut or almond oil onto damp skin after bath. This can also reduce itching due to dryness. For extra moisture, rub in oil before and after bathing.

Night cream 

Each night splash face and neck with warm water and cleansing milk. Massage face gently with upward and outward movements. Wash off with cotton dipped in warm water and follow it up with a night cream.

Light moisturizer 

Use a light moisturiser around the eyes as heavy ones can cause puffiness.

Facial scrub in winters 

 Use a facial scrub with tiny grains once a week. For this, apply cleansing milk and then apply the scrub gently. Do not rub vigorously. Wash off with warm water. This will help you rid of flaky skin.

Glowing skin 

Consuming few teaspoons of ghee or butter will give your skin that extra glow!

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  1. nice one… hey anamika, although i hav a combination skin but now in winters its pretty dry. I m using lotus alphamoist. Its v gud. But i thnk fr winters i need sm odr one. pls suggest me sm moisturiser

  2. Poonam u can try fab india moisturizer for dry skin..they work well in there scrub also its nice:)

    whats plan for Diwali?


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