Skin Care Tips During Pregnancy


Skin Care Tips

Our body goes through drastic changes during pregnancy and women get extra cautious of everything they eat this is because there is a fear that anything wrong can affect the developing foetus adversely.


Along with diet women needs to be careful when it comes to skin care products too. There are some ingredients which should be completely avoided when one is pregnant. Products containing ingredients like retinods which is quite frequently used in anti aging skin creams should be avoided. Though retinods contains Vitamin A but it has been proved harmful for a developing foetuses. Salicylic acid which is common ingredient in acne product should completely be ignored.
During pregnancy some women develop  brownish patches due to hormonal changes. Acne also become a constant problem for few and overall body pigmentation gets darker.Stretch marks is quite common and generally develops during the sixth and the seventh month of pregnancy. A faint line called as Linea nigra appears from the navel to the pubic bone because of hormonal activity and disappears after the skin breaks.

Tips to avoid above problems In Pregnancy:-

1. One should cleanse their face with a mild body wash and use moisturizer which has sunscreen in it.
2. Make up in pregnancy should be less intense than what one usually do.
3. Women who suffer from frequent acne problem can use products which have glycolic acid and alpha hydroxcyl acids in them.
4. Use lipstick that are moisturizing and contain sun protection during pregnancy.
5. Cleanser, make up and moisturizer which have salicylic acid, glycolic acid and alpha and beta hydroxyl acid should not be used as they can affect the foetus and the skin of the woman.
6. Use natural organic products or herbal remedies and go slow with market products during this period.
7. Use lot of Vaseline or sheabutter on your belly to avoid stretch marks.

P.S-You might react with simplest of the product too while you are pregnant so please do not forget to consult your doctor before following above tips.
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