Skin care tips for summers


By Anjana,

Our skin is very delicate and sensitive and easily gets damaged in extreme Indian weather. Facial skin is most affected by such seasonal changes be it chilling winters or scorching summers.

Our face is also most susceptible to sun damage as it remains exposed more than any other body part. Summers have almost arrived in India and you definetely need to do pamper your skin better in order to look fresh and lively. A small ignorance can cause a lot of skin problems like acne, tanning, photodermatitis, roseacea etc. Often however, it’s not out of ignorance, but because of necessity that we’ve to step out and face the heat. Here are some simple natural skin care tips that you can follow this summer to tackle such problems –

Summer means lots of perspiration and loss of vital minerals and other body nutrients. Replenish your body with regular water, natural fruit juice, coconut water, lemon water as much as possible. This will not only hydrate the skin but also rejuvenate your body and make you feel better.

Sun tan
Long persistent exposure to sunlight can lead to tanning and gives you a dark blotchy skin. The following home remedies are effective in combating and reducing the tan –

> Take raw potato juice and apply it on face. It’s a natural bleaching agent and can show results in one week.

> Make a paste of fuller earth(multani mitti) and coconut oil and apply it smoothly over the tan. It is also helpful in smoothening those fine lines and age spots on your face.

> Aloevera or cucumber juice, mixed with yoghurt are very good in soothing the sun-burned skin. Lemon juice and turmeric powder can also be used to improve your complexion.

Skin Eruption
In summers, it’s natural for the body to keep itself cool by producing more sebum(perspiration). However, it often becomes sticky and attracts a lot of dust and pollutants. If you’re not cautious, it can lead to painful skin eruptions due to bacterial action. So, be careful to clean your skin regularly with a good scrub. You can make a natural scrub by mixing oatmeal, lemon juice and fuller’s earth.
A mask of sandalwood paste and cucumber will make your facial skin feel revitalized and cheerful after scrubbing.

So enjoy the summers and care for your skin properly 🙂


  1. totally agree with you Anjana :yes: where in winters our main concern should be moisturizing, in summers its all about keeping it clean and sun safe..
    removing sun tan with raw potato juice tip is new to me, thanks :-))

  2. During summer season, you need to protect your skin from the sun because to much exposure from the sun causes damage such as sun burn. In order to protect your skin, you must put sunscreen for it to avoid skin damage.


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