Skin Conditions Which Emerge During Winters


Skin Conditions Which Emerge During Winters

During winters, skin is the most affected area of our body apart from normal bouts of cold and cough that could disturb us. Skin is very delicate and we know it also. I am not denying that we do not work towards it to save it or secure it but still the winter breeze and chill are so horrifying that they can hamper us beyond our thoughts.

Our skin becomes dry and flaky. For some people it also turns reddish and itchy. These are all signs of unhealthy skin and it sure needs attention. The dry air during winters makes our skin lose its moisture and makes it succumb and lose its charm.


Dry Skin Woes

During winters, the first and most common skin condition would be a dry skin. Chilly breeze outside and winter weather are enough to make your skin repent about the weather. What happens really to a dry skin is tightening of skin, flaking, and rough skin and even cracking. One needs to be regular with moisturizer to avoid dry skin.

Winter skin care tips

Oily Skin is another skin type which suffers during this time the most. Acne, breakouts etc. are the reasons of over moisturizing during winters, may be as a way to offset the dry skin. But if this is happening during winters alone, the moisturizer in use is at fault and needs to be changed immediately.


Itching & Redness

Itching also happens as a result of winter outbreak. Reddish skin, itching and pain are three outcomes of such a skin problem. Some people also are prone to bleeding. This type of skin condition happens if one uses a very drying soap or the hot water usage is immensely high. Hot water is not good for skin and even hair. We should limit it to one time bath of a short duration. Cold water or if it is that necessary, water which is slightly high than your body temperature should be used for showers.

skin care tips

Chapped Skin is another condition which occurs during winters. Specially the people in hilly areas can get affected as the snow seeps in their clothes and stays on their skin causing maximum damage. It is definitely a myth that it harms only the face. It can very well get cloned to your skin anywhere. For this type of skin, the person needs to be very careful while washing and drying as well apart from using a balanced moisturizer. An oil-based moisturizer needs to be used here for best results. So always ensure you are doing good to yourself and your skin by taking care of it properly.


Petroleum Jelly

Not only your skin, your lips also could be dry or chapped during winters which is again also due to the effect of a chilly breeze of the winter season. There is no ambiguity that alike skin, lips also demand equal attention and need to be nurtured with winter care. Applying Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly always helps so we should keep it handy with us at all times. These can be applied underneath your lipstick as well so just be sure to use them as a primer for your lips.

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I hope these skin conditions do not occur to you which is of course in your own hands. Do take care of yourself well!

Do you also struggle with similar skin issues in winters?

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