Skin & Hair Care Haul For This December


Skin & Hair Care Haul For This December

December brings even lower temperatures and makes me want to change my beauty regime and try out new products.This time I am giving a miss to forest essential and Body shop products and trying some drug store brands :D. The weather is getting harsher and drier and so I wanted to stock up on some products that will my skin and hair fight the ill effects of weather. I went online and shopped for some new items that I think can help in keeping my skin and hair beautiful this month.

Here is what I got in my skin and hair care haul for this December

skin and hair care haul for december

Iraya Jabakusum Kesha Lepa (Essential Hair Pack)

Price- INR 495

iraya jabakusuim kesh lepa

A classic combination of hibiscus, brahmi, amalaki and fenugreek seeds that has been used over millennia to enhance the hair’s natural vigour. Helps improve the texture, by smoothening keratin and brings lustre, volume and radiance to hair. Highly recommended for dull, frizzy and chemically damaged hair.

This pack claims to enhance the hair’s natural vigour and help improve the texture and bring lustre, volume and radiance.

This hair pack is in powder form and a paste can be formed using water or oil and should be left on hair for an hour. Seems like a lot of work but I hope it does what it it claims.

Iraya Saffron Elixir


iraya saffron elixir

This is a sample pack which I got with as a sample with Iraya hair pack. It is a combination of pure saffron with 25 other herbs in a gel base. It claims to lighten and brighten the complexion.

Biotique Bio Clove Purifying Anti Blemish Face Pack

Price- INR 199

biotique clove anti blemish face pack

The Biotique Bio Clove Purifying Anti Blemish Face Pack is enriched with ingredients like clove and turmeric. Clove helps to treat the pimples and acne while turmeric is a versatile ingredient with so many benefits to keep skin healthy.

This pack claims to clear the impurities embedded deep inside the layers of skin. This also keeps skin hydrated and controls oil-secretion from skin. Even though it is meant for oily skin, I am trying it out for my combination skin in winters as I am hoping it to work on blemishes.

Abba Texturizing Cream


abba texturizing cream

I got it from Strawberrynet but I do not remember the price of this cream. It claims to nourish and restore shine with added texture. The cream is to be used on dry or damp hair and the hair can be finger-styled as desired. The cream contains sunflower extract and olive butter.

Fab India Aloe Vera Protein Shampoo and Conditioner

Price- INR 280 for shampoo and INR 280 for conditioner as well

fab india aloe vera shampoo and conditioner

Winters make hair dry and frizzy so I decided to give my mane some hydration with protein shampoo and conditioner from Fab India.

Aloe vera protein shampoo is nourishing and extra conditioning treatment that claims to leave hair detangled, manageable, soft and shiny. While gently moisturising, aloe vera protein repairs and strengthens dry hair.

The conditioner is a mild everyday use conditioner containing aloe vera extract and vitamin E that claims to hydrate and soften the hair by restoring natural moisture balance.

Have you tried any of these skin & hair care products?

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