Skin lightening – Revlon Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Cream review , price and photos


By Anuradha, 

I have tried many fairness creams which include fair and lovely, Himalaya fairness cream and Emami fairness cream too but when I saw Revlon fairness cream I had high expectation.Reason being that it is after all from revlon.

Reason I like using revlon  cream is that my skin gets tanned with in minutes,  it keep changing it colours too and sunscreen don’t suit me and after using fairness cream for a while I found that it was only fairness creams which suited me

Though when ever I go out for long hours I use sunscreen but for my every day work I use fairness cream because fairness cream can not give me the required UV protection.While buying the cream I saw Revlon has touch and glow lotion too in this but I  preferred buying revlon touch and glow advanced fairness cream only because I am more comfortable in using them.

Price of revlon touch and glow advanced fairness cream is Rs 60 for 50gm

Many many unknown ingredients (to read the ingredient click to enlarge the pic)are there thank God we have cosmetic dictionary on wise she now.It is going to help many like me who have no idea of these things. 🙂

 My experience with the product

1. It keeps my skin oil free for  4-5 hours easily.
2.I likes its fragrance and it glides on my skin easily .
3.It keeps my skin moisturized but I don’t think it will suit dry skin people that much.
4.Though it doesn’t give me fairness but yes it helps me in removing tan or avoid in getting tanned on every day basis.

Swatches of Revlon touch and glow advanced fairness cream


1.It has that old age boring packaging.Come on Revlon ! I expect more from you.
2.Not suitable for dry skin.
3.In winters I have to use moisturizer too with this cream.
4.As usual no fairness.

Will I re -purchase it – I find it better than many other fairness cream which I have used . I don’t look for fairness in my creams therefore it is one of my favorite.

Recommendation – Fairness cream for oily skin 
Oily skin girls who are prone to tanning can try out this cream.They are going to like it.

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  1. hey Anuradha, u r right, i too used it and it is better than other fairness creams. It didn't find any white cast with this like other fairness creams gave me.
    well if u r very prone to tanning, why dont u try some sunblock instead of sunscreen. You know, sunscreens do allow some rays to penetrate our skin bt sunblock blocks everything100%

  2. nice review. i used it for few days, since my skin is oily and prone to pimples i got scared and stopped using it. but after reading ur review i wanna use it again thanks for the review

  3. Hi.
    I have very sensitive skin which i can not apply any kind of cream. but i use fair and lovely cream because i cant use any other cream even like this. I dont like this cream because it has no improvements to my skin.

    want to know if i use this cream , will my face get damage? do i get pimples? want to know… please
    thank you

  4. I have dry skin. I was using Garnier light ultra moisturizer cream. It suited my skin, exactly what I wanted. Now Garnier had stopped producing it. I am searching for a fairness moisturizer with oil base like Garnier light ultra. Please anyone can suggest a name.

  5. is it good for oily-pimple prone skin???? nothing suits on my skin due to pimples and also dark spots of pimples. will it help me.


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