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I am a skin care product junkie and I have almost tried all the oils on my skin and love to experiment with them every now and then.

Read some of the reviews of the oils which I have used previously.

From Olive, coconut, sesame to almond I have tried almost all of them  and  still want to experiment more.While reading about all the oils I came across Argan oil which is not easily available in India  .I have seen few companies carrying body butter(Read Body shop Wisdom Morocco Argan Oil & Orange Blossom Review) and skin care product which has percentage of Argan oil in them but that never excited much .I always wanted to try pure Argan oil which I found on  skin miracle website.I also reviewed one of the  tinted sunscreen recently from skin miracle too which has become one of my current fav sunscreen

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About Argan Oil :-

Argan oil is extracted from kernel nuts and has gained lot of popularity and is now called Liquid gold by Eurpean Women.Also  known as miracle oil it is rich in natural vitamin E and essential fatty acid.Argan oil is nature’s most potent beauty serum, guarded beauty secret by European women for years.The reason for its reputation is simple.Argan oil is light compares to other oils and is easily absorbed by skin .

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How To Use Argan Oil –

Apply few drops of oil all over the face before going to the bed.One needs just two drops to cover the whole face and neck.When using on nails – mix lemon juice and Argan oil together and just dip your cuticles into the mixture for ten minutes.Voila! You will have softest cuticles and your nails will be all strong 🙂

  • Price INR 650 for 50 ml
  • Packaging  – It comes in a glass bottle which  worried me while traveling .There is a plastic bottle stopper which prevents any kind of oil leakage.I have tilted the bottle below to show you that it will never leak but as its a glass bottle it can always breakdown 😀
Argan oil reviews+argan oil product reviews+skin finish age miracle argan oil reviews

7 Benefits of Argan Oil for Skin:-

  1. Argan oil prevents premature aging and protects the skin from aging.
  2.  Best suited for dry skin it soften the skin and doesn’t break you out in extreme of climate.
  3. Helps in reducing skin irritation and it heals scratch marks on the skin .
  4. It works for both oily as well as dry skin .Argan oil regulated the secretion of sebum and keep it under control.
  5. Prevents stretch marks in pregnancy.
  6. Strengthen nails .
  7. Helps in treating skin problems like acne, chicken pox, red dots , patches or Psoriasis.
Argan oil is recommended a lot for hair also but this one is particularly is for skin only.There is a separate Argan oil for hair care which I am yet to review.

My experience with Argan Oil :-

I have been using this oil since three months on and off.I first started using in Hyderabad where the climate is moderate (around 32 degree most of the time) .I used it before going to the bed after cleansing and toning and it helped in making my skin softer.My skin was on drier side there and it never broke me out .I only found my skin getting better.As I thought that the good result of this oil could have been because of my pregnancy but then other parts of my skin was still dry especially my hands and legs.
I left using this oil  for two weeks before coming to Delhi where it is extremely hot  and my skin is combination dry in this climate . When  I re started with it my skin again felt  smooth and soft and there is no break out what so ever.What I like most about this oil is that it get absorbed with in seconds and when I  touch my face it ‘s all soft .
As far as wrinkle prevention or crow feet is concerned I am luckily not facing any kind of problem like that therefore can’t say about it much albeit as I am in my late 20’s I do look for anti aging products in my skin care.
One gets just 50 ml of product in INR 650 but if you use it every day then also it will last for six months easily or even more.I have read on many websites saying argan oil is the most expensive oil but as the 50 ml product  last for a long time it completely justifies its price.
Let me show you how amazing is the absorbing power of this oil.I have applied two drops on my hand below
argan oil for hair+argan oil product reviews+argan oil in India
and after 10 seconds of blending it is completely absorbed by my skin  leaving it all clear and soft.
argan oil price+argan oil on my skin
I even tried using the oil for removing makeup but there it failed miserably there  because of its rapid absorbing quality.
Recommendations – If you have dry or combination dry skin then do try it out.Your skin is going to love it .If you are in late 20’s or above then I will definitely recommend using it .It has vitamin E and is full of antioxidants which  prevents aging and crow’s feet:) I am extremely impressed by this oil.
Wise She Rating – 4.5/5
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Product sent by company for consideration but it has not affected my review.


  1. Thanks for the review Anamika!

    Can I use this in place of night cream?
    I have fair and smooth combination skin with little problems like open pores and little pigmentation.

    Where is it available?


  2. Wow!!! Nice review Ana… My SIL is in Morocco for an on-site!! Will ask her to get me litres of Argan oil!!! My dry feet would love it, me thinks 🙂

  3. coz u hv brought a new cam 😥 ..d pics r so bloody good!!! :sweat:

    n 2ndly, i can’t get d oil coz its a phoreign site :smug:

  4. This looks surprisingly non-greasy Ana :yes: Sounds like a great product! Pls courier a few drops 😛 B4 that…will it suit oily skin? ?:-)

  5. me too in late 20s an have combination to dry skin especially around nose and mouth my skin is really getting dry..must try this asap! thanks ana..does this help in anyways in improving skin texture or pigmentation?

  6. Hi, I was just reading about this oil and found the bio whitening site. I was debating if I shld buy this product or not. Now I’m definitely getting it. I enquired the company abt their 2 argan oils. One for hair and other for skin. They reliplied that skin has 1% vitamin e oil added and hair oil is only pure argan oil.

  7. Wow this oil looks so tempting Ana! I cannot dare to apply it in summers, but will try in WInters. Thanks for the review!

  8. seems like a must try for me.. i m 30 not much interested in using anti-ageing creams.. Nice review anamika.. :-))

      • just browsed their website…………my eyes got sticked to thier whitening kit…….wanna give it a trail…….Ana.suggestion plz ?

  9. the oil seems good 🙂
    but dont know how feasible it is to apply oil to skin in the sticky mumbai summers..
    would like to try it out in winters 🙂

  10. Hey Anamika, I just received my bottle of Argan oil from Skin Miracle ( Thanks to your review) Hope my skin responds well to it!! (^_^)

  11. hi anamika. i m a 23 old male… i hv this problem of grey hair since i was jst 11. this just increased wid time and ultimately i learned to live wid it but now from the past one and a half month(approx) i m facing the problem of hair fall…. wenever i bath some hair come out and same happens wen i apply oil to my hair. i bath daily and apply oil daily hehe…. due to this i hv lost many hair, especially through the place where i make partition on my head ………. please advice my genuinely wat shud i do to avoid this……. i hv always heard that massaging hair is one of the best remedy but in my case i lose much of the hair while massaging…. please advice me soonn….. and do give me ur email id please

  12. HI ANA…
    :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: cn u suggest a oil that can be used for anti aging at 24 ??? i have very fine lines especially under my eyes…also my undereyes are a bit dark…plz help!!!

  13. hi anamika i read your reviews.i want to buy argan oil but the brand you talking about is their oil 100% pure.and do they make it through coldpressing?because i found out another company known as their argan oil is coldpressed.i am confued which to buying online from biowhitening safe?

  14. Hi m 21 n having dry curly hair m suffering from mild dandruff from past 3-4 yr due to which my hair has become scanty n frizzy plzz sugest me whethr argan oil is recommandable………plzzz rpy

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