Skin Origins Walnut Face Wash Review


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I have always preferred herbal brands for my face as I have an acne prone sensitive skin. For face washes I use neem or tea tree oil based products. Recently I was in search of a scrub which will be gentle on my sensitive skin and will be moisturizing as well in the upcoming winters and thought of trying some new brand .Then I came across this new brand online and bought it. Now let’s have a quick review as how it worked on me.




About Skin Origins Walnut Face Wash :-


A unique deep cleanser with Walnut scrub that is gentle on the face. With Cucumber and Rose extract, it exfoliates dead skin cells, cleans clogged pores and removes black heads to uncover young and radiant skin and underneath.

Directions for use: Apply by gentle massaging on wet face and neck in light circular movements. Concentrate on blackheads if any. Then rinse with lukewarm water. For best result use twice daily. Avoid direct contact with eyes.



  • Price: Rs 60/-
  • Quantity: 60 g
  • Shelf Life: 24 months





My experience with Skin Origins Walnut Face Wash:-


Walnut, a healthy dry fruit which gives millions of benefits to our body and I love eating them. But had never thought of trying it on my skin till I came across this face wash-cum-scrub. Yes though it’s named as a face wash but I would categorize it as a scrub.

It is a translucent light brownish colored with small brown granules which are not harsh on the facial skin. The packaging is very simple and is transparent in some of the part of the tube with a flip top cap which is quiet sturdy and can be even carried in a hand bag.

The texture is neither runny nor thick. The smell of the scrub is fruity though there is no such fruit mentioned in the ingredient list. I personally loved the smell which gives a fresh feel may be due to cucumber and rose in it.


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It has been around 15 days since I am using this scrub/face wash, and it hasn’t led to any break outs on my skin. Just after the wash the skin feels clean and fresh, but as it states to clear up the blackheads, I cannot say anything because I don’t have black heads but yes I do have white heads and also some dead skin and it has not done anything to prevent them. It can be used by both oily skinned beauties and dry skinned ones. This product is okay for daily use just to feel fresh and clean. After this gets over I think I will search for something better next time.




What I like about Skin Origins Walnut Face Wash:-


  • Quiet affordable
  • Pleasant fruity smell
  • The scrub granules not harsh on the skin
  • Leaves skin fresh and clean
  • Doesn’t makes skin oily or dry
  • Leads to no break outs
  • Simple and sturdy packaging


What I dislike about Skin Origins Walnut Face Wash:-


  • Availability
  • Doesn’t do what it claims


  • Rating : 3.8/5

Will I recommend Skin Origins Walnut Face Wash?

You can try it if anyone wants to but I think I would like to search for something better after it gets over. But I will surely finish it off as it’s not that bad too 😉


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  1. Not good at all … Hve a horrible cold .. Was out of town for the weekend and it was cold n mumbais v hot during the day n relatively cold at nite.. So constant weather change has led to this cold

  2. walnut scrub 😯 isn’t it harsh?? i stay away from walnut scrubs 😐 idk i feel they are not suitable for facial skin :silly: you’ve acne prone skin even then you dared to use it :clap:


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