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Mansi asks,

I have large pores and acne on my skin .I visited a skin specialist and as per her I should  go for skin peeling treatment.Has any one tried this treatment before.I am really scared and worried that it might make my skin super sensitive.

skin peeling treatment Inda


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  1. Kindly donot use any skin peeling cream without visiting a dermatologist , there are many skin peeling creams available with different concentration of glycolic acid and ahas, how much conc. ur skin requires can only be suggested by a skin expert!

  2. If you’re talking about chemical peels, it is a relatively harmless procedure that takes about 15 minutes or so. Skin does tend to be very sensitive immediately after treatment, so refrain from going out in the sun. Wear a good sunblock few days after treatment. The results are not miraculous but you’ll definitely notice a glow. Also, skin tends to look good atleast 2 days after the treatment is done. And like Taps mentioned above, do make sure u get it done by a good dermatologist. Nothing to worry Mansi. Ive had it done a few times long back during my worst acne days and it did not harm my skin.

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