My Skin Peeling & Laser Treatment Experience From Kaya Skin Clinic India


My Skin Peeling & Laser Treatment Experience From Kaya Skin Clinic India

Hey Everyone, A while back I went for Skin Peeling & Q-Switch Laser Treatment for my face and also shared stories of the same on my Instagram and a lot of you asked me about it so I thought why not share a detailed experience on this! Obviously I didn’t undergo the treatment through any kind of sponsorship but because of my skin issues I was facing lately! ๐Ÿ™‚ So yes, this is an entirely honest opinion & those of you who are wondering about whether to do it or not, take a look at my video and I am sure you can reach a conclusion after reading about My Skin Peeling & Laser Treatment Experience From Kaya Skin Clinic India.

Talking about my skin issues, I experienced skin pores which were large. So, when I used to do makeup with highlighters or bronzers, it didn’t come out very good! In fact, it looked like I had developed aging skin pigmentation over certain parts of my cheeks! So, one of my friends suggested me to be a little more cautious about my regular CTM routine as these were early signs of aging!

skin peeling & Q-Switch treatment experience

Well, I got regular with it but the problem still persisted and I thought off visiting Kaya Skin Clinic which happens to be in Galleria market which is very near to my place!

Well, the first meeting went well as they told me about this treatment but I felt like let me get more regular with my facial care regime but unfortunately the pigmentation problem around the mouth, near the nose didn’t improve I thought of getting the treatment after procrastinating for 3-4months!

My Skin Peeling Treatment

Well, as you all must be aware that skin treatments are a little costly. Initially, I was suggested few treatments which were no doubt very good for the skin. Also, I didn’t want to spend so much money without giving a thought. So, lastly I decided on the Skin Peeling Treatment with Q-Switch laser treatment costing around INR 30000. In this they also gave me products to apply during the process so that I don’t have any side effects or other issues!

Kaya Skin Clinic Acne Free Purifying Nourisher Review

Well, the initial peeling treatments did nothing much and I only started seeing visible results after 2 months of time! In short , after 3rd peeling treatment I could literally see the skin coming out as it was very strong! Well, skin peel is what it actually does, peels out the thin layer of skin which helps in reducing pigmentation, tightens skin pores, reduces fine lines etc.

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all about skin peeling

Q-Switch Treatment

The treatment surely helped me as the few spots I had on my nose, cheekbones & chin area have visibly lightened! I am sure the Q-Switch laser treatment will also improve the skin texture! I noticed that my skin pore are very balanced after the peeling treatments!

The Q-Switch treatment is like mainly for spots which are treated with laser. A thick crust is formed on the skin which falls off in 2-3 days and the spot just lightens or diminishes on its own! So it is a great treatment for dark spots or old acne spots you have! Although, few of my friends have had not so great results after this treatment. Moreover it is like it might work or it might not and you need to be prepared well in advance for that!

Coming to the after effects of these treatments, I feel my skin very drying these days!Other than that no other side effects. Also if you have sensitive skin, it might irritate your skin a lot. Unlike me, I did not feel that the initial peels were that effective and only when they used a high intensity cosmo peel. It was then only my skin started to peel as it was supposed to do during the initial peels itself!

Alternatively, you can visit a dermatologist for a skin peeling treatment as it would be cheaper. Also the Q-Switch treatment is a little costly so Kaya is great for you in case you want your spots to go or are getting married!

Yes, the treatment really helps in making the skin look good & glowing after the treatment and you might notice that you don’t need to use concealers for the dark spots you were using initially so it kind of feels good at the end! ๐Ÿ™‚

My Experience With Kaya Skin Clinic

Talking about the experience at Kaya Skin Clinic, I would say it feels really safe to undergo a skin treatment. It is mainly because of the expertise they have. Also because for them customer satisfaction is surely a priority which all together was a great experience for me!

Well, its all up to you what you feel like! If you feel a little more good about yourself after taking these skin treatments then go ahead. Make sure to do it because its just one life and you have all right to be Beautiful! Feel Beautiful!:-)

Checkout the detailed video about my experience and the process of these skin treatments!

Hope you all got answers to your doubts about the treatments from My Skin Peeling & Laser Treatment Experience From Kaya Skin Clinic India and if you have any doubts or further questions, do comment and I will be really happy to answer those for you! ๐Ÿ™‚




  1. Hi,
    I just had this treatment three days back and I havenโ€™t seen any change at all in the texture of my skin. This was my second session, I had my first session in may. I was really happy with the results. My skin looked very clear and bright instantly after the appeal. But this session was really disappointing. Had gone to DT mega Mall branch. Should I go and complain to Kaya skin clinic? I am very irritated as this one session cost me Rs.5500.


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