Skin rashes – 5 ways to get rid of rashes

By Manisha,

Skin rashes – We all suffer from rashes some time or the other in our life. A rash is basically one of the telltale signs that something is bothering our skin. Let us take some instances when our skin suffers from them. Most common instance will be when we have encounter with some   insects or poisonous plants, when we are stressed and sometimes when we are sick. Our skin can display its unhappiness for everyone to see in the form of those ugly red, itchy irritating rashes.

What annoys me most with the rashes is there sheer unpredictability. They come out because of no reason and you keep guessing what caused them. But thankfully most rashes are easy to treat regardless of the cause.
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Skin rash treatment

Below are some ways by which I keep my skin happy.

1.Water Bath My rashes always feel better when they spend some fifteen twenty minutes in a cool bath water. Bathing in hot water should be avoided as they often make rashes worse.

2. Tea– Taking help of tea is an old traditional way of curing rashes. Brew a pot of choamomile (bubunah) or comfrey tea and use it to make a tea compress. Bring it down to comfortable temperature and soak a towel in it. Apply the soaked towel on your rashes for ten to fifteen minutes .Repeat the process as often as you can.

3. Heat rashes– We see rashes during hot and humid weather especially during the summer season .Heat rashes results in tiny pink bumps on the neck, upper Back or the other parts of the body which gets hot and sweaty quiet frequently.

This type of rash disappears as soon as you take a shower .After the shower it dries off. Wearing comfortable clothes and staying in air condition areas helps too.

4.Hydrocortisone cream This cream was recommended to me by my doctor. It stop inflammation and itching instantly. But before buying this cream do ask your doctor whether the cream is right for the type of rash which you are suffering from.

5.Relaxing in rashes Doctors have found that those who suffer from stress or are over emotional experience rashes the most. Therefore to keep your skin calm you have to calm down your emotions too.
Taking up yoga or meditation or some other relaxing activities are often suggested by doctors who suffer from frequent rashes due to stress.

When to see the Doctor Some rashes are caused by serious medical problems .For example , sexually transmitted diseases, bacterial infections or dangerous allergic reactions. One should immediately consult a doctor if there rash doesn’t go away with in a day or two and is deep coloured and is accompanied by other problems such as difficulty in breathing, dizziness or painful urination.

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  1. actually i did threading on my upper lip and now i got some red rashes lightly so please give me tips to get rid of those rashes

  2. hey it ok if we use Aloe vera gel available in market..its not possible for me to get fresh aloe vera from plant


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