Skin Tone Warm Or Cool


Skin Tone Warm Or Cool

You may be fair or dark or wheatish or pale, that is the shade of your skin color. Before you jump to the conclusion about which makeup colors or dress colors to choose going by your skin shade, WAIT! There is another very important factor you must determine before choosing the perfect color for yourself. And this is your skin’s undertone. Are you a warm toned person? Or are you a cool toned person?

And this is extremely important cause this factor is what determines the best color shade to match your skin. The basic difference is that warm undertone people appear more yellowish and cool undertones people appear more pinkish. Now let us see how you can determine that if you are a cool toned or a warm toned.



If you burn or tan easily then the melanin or the pigments that gives color to your skin is present at a higher level. This is more likely to make you warm toned. And for those who hardly burn or get tanned in the sun it means the melanin level in your skin is low. So that makes you a cool toned soul.

Vein test

Now for the vein test. This is another interesting short cut way to determine your skin tone. Check the color of your veins. If they appear to be bluish or purple then you are a cool toned person, but if they appear to be green then you are warm toned.

Color check

Just hold something gold or silver against your face. If gold looks better on you then you are for sure a warm toned person and if silver suits you more then, yesss! Cool toned.

Now hoping that you have got that bit, let us look at some of the rules that two skin tones must follow when choosing their makeup or color.

lipstick colors for yellow skin tone

For Warm Tone

Skin undertone makeup shades_shades for warm skin tone+makeup colors

Warm skin tone looks more natural when paired up with colors to match the golden hue of the skin. So avoid foundations with pinkish undertones, go for the ones with yellow undertones, stick to bases like honey or beige or amber. While choosing colors for blushes or bronzers again, stick to rusts or bronze or orange shades, or warm peaches. Absolutely avoid blueish reds or pinkish reds.

Those who are dark skinned with warm tone go for burnt oranges and those who fair with warm tone, go for beige or tawny. For eye shadows go for greens, golden, brown orange tones reds or pinks. Also for lips go for warm reds, warm pinks or champagnes, etc

For Cool Tone

Skin undertone makeup shades_shades for cool skin tone+makeup shades

Okay! So for you the palette includes, pinks, mauves, roses, plums, teal white, black, cool browns, gray even reds, but blue reds,etc. Anything that has a bluish or purple undertone to it. So while choosing your base make up you should keep in mind to choose one with a pinkish or rosy undertone to it. That will work for your skin more and complement your tone. Stay away from yellow based cheek, eye and lip colors. Blue based red lipsticks, plum blushes and taupe shadows work well for this tone.

Sometimes you might find that a foundation with a pink undertone is not working for you, its looking unnatural on top of the already rosy cheeks. So then you can go for a shade with a very light yellow tint in it. Just to add a bit of warmth to your face. Think of it as a color corrector for your face. For fair skin go for lighter cooler tones, like blue based pinks, roses, for darker skinned go for mauve and plum shades. For eyes you can go for pale pinks on the lid with grey brown on plum on the creases. Pale blue greens or blues themselves too look good on the eyes of those with cooler tones.

But sometime, its okay to play around with colors, for example someone with pale cool toned complexion and reddish hair can try fiery orange on the lids, goes really well in spite of Orange being exactly opposite to blue on the color wheel. For lips those with dark complexion think of berries and plums while those with far complexion think of roses and pinks.

Now that we have discussed the basics, let’s take a look at some of the recommended blushes to suit your skin tone.

For warm skin

NYX Round lipstick swatches on lips +NYX round lipstick tea rose

For your cheeks you can go for a palette like, Givenchy Le Prisme Blush in Aficionado Peach. This blush gives your cheeks that instant luxurious color to your cheeks. The four shades worn alone or mixed to suit your own need.

Aficionado has got four shades, three of them are variants of peach and the fourth one is more of a cream highlighter. It gives a natural peach flush to warm skinned souls. And for lips you can try,MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick Glamor Era (a beautiful peachy brown shade) or Lakme Absolute Creme Lipstick Runway Red (A gorgeous royal red) or else you can also go for NYX Round Lipstick Tea Rose a lovely medium pink shade that looks gorgeous on duskier as well as fairer women.

For Cool Skin

Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Lipstick Shade Temptation Brown Skin

For your lips you can try Milani Color Statement Lipstick 15 Hot Pink Rage (a rosy matte finish pink shade), or Faces Ultime Pro Long Wear Lipstick 02-Temptation (an awesome shade of maroon)Or else you can also try, MAC Retro Matte Ruby Woo Lipstick ( a super gorgeous shade of red) and for your cheeks NAKED2 palette from URBAN DECAY is a great option.

So here are some of the do’s and don’ts for the warm toned people as well as for the cool toned people as well as some shade suggestions you can try.

Which skin tone do you think you have?

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