Skin toner – Fab India Vitamin E skin toner review

Fab India vitamin E skin toner – I am about to finish this toner so thought of reviewing it today after spraying it 2-3 times more on my skin.This way I kind off feel the product while reviewing it:D

Fab India vitamin E range has been impressive till now.There are a few things which I liked in this range, one of them was the Fab India Vitamin E cleansing milk .
I always keep my toners in the refrigerator and when ever I wash my face I use them to remove surface skin cells, soap reside or excess oil from the skin.A good toner removes surface oil and debris which helps oily or acne prone skin .For severely acne prone oily skin astringent is the best choice.

Most of the dermatologists say that if you cleanse your face regularly twice a day and use good quality skin care products then you can go without a skin toner but for acne prone skin toner is a must as it cleans and removes the excess oil from the surface of the skin .

Price of Fab India vitamin e skin toner – I got them in an economy pack which costed me Rs 150

(I got an economy package for myself where there was vitamin E toner , body lotion , cleansing milk and vitamin E face wash there for Rs 450)
Packaging of the product is soothing and pretty isn’t?
Key ingredients – Purified water, Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate 20, Vitamin E
Few ingredients which one can look for in a toner is Salicylic acid, witch hazel, benzoyl peroxide.If your toner has any of the ingredients then it is going to keep your skin healthy.
What I like about the Fan India toner

Oily skin toner – This one suits my oily skin and nourishes the skin too.I feel fresh and it soothes my skin if I have scrubbed or applied any pack on my skin .
Having vitamin E in the toner is a big plus.
Sensitive skin – I generally transfer my toners in a spray bottle and when I sprayed this one it give some kind of burning sensation or I should say that it irritates my skin for 2-3 seconds so I am not sure whether it will suit sensitive skin or not.
Toner does reduce oil secretion and it removes all dirt and makeup residue too
It refreshes tired skin
Dislike – I don’t have any complaints as such of this product but it is neither one of my favorites. It is almost similar to my Fab India neem tulsi skin toner.

Rating -3.5/5

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  1. My next wishlist toner is the Neem Tulsi wala….so this one has to wait until i finish my Tea-Tree one…then run for the Neem Tulsi one ….poor baby…

  2. My next wishlist toner is the Neem Tulsi wala….so this one has to wait until i finish my Tea-Tree one…then run for the Neem Tulsi one ….poor baby…

  3. I hv oily and dry combination skin ……..please recommend me a suitable CTM PLEASE ……….my skin z acne prone too


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