Check Your Skin Undertone .5 Simple Tests.



As beauty and makeup junkies we come across this question quiet often. And we don’t even think before we answer. Its simple right

Q: What is your skin color?

  1. Very Fair
  2. Fair
  3. Medium
  4. Olive
  5. Dusky
  6. Tan
  7. Dark

These days to be precise we very confidently say:

  1. I am NC15-25 (Very Fair to Fair)
  2. I am NC30-40  (Medium to Olive)
  3. I am NC40-45 (Dusky to Tan)
  4. I am NC47-55(Dark)

But when asked that is your ‘Skin Undertone’?? We are puzzled. Here is a small test to get you, your answer.


Skin undertone test_CoolWarmMedium+skin undertones


Before that a few FAQs:

Q: What is Skin Undertone?

A: No matter what your skin color is you have a under tone of warm or cool.

Q: How many types of undertones are there?

A: For practical purposes 3. Warm, Cool and Neutral/ Medium.

Q: What is a warm undertone?

A: Skin with a yellowish color hue to it.

Q: What is a cool undertone?

A: Skin with a blue or pinkish hue.

Q: What is a neutral undertone?

A: Skin with neither yellow nor blue/pink undertone. This is a rare case.

Q: How to identify?  

  1. Cool undertone – fair with pink / fair with blue hue/ very dark with blue hue
  2. Warm undertone –fair with yellow-golden / dark with yellow-golden
  3. Neutral undertone– both cool and warm – both green and blue veins

Most Asians are warm undertone. Whereas most westerners are cool undertone.  To trickle down further, most Indians are warm undertone and neutral in some cases. South Asians, Japanese, Chinese and Koreans have clear yellow hues (warm undertone). Africans are both cool and warm undertone. Americans, Germans, Norwegians and Russians are mostly cool undertone. Italians, Spanish, Greeks mostly warm undertones.

Celebs with Cool Undertone

 Skin undertone test_Cool Undertone Celebs+how to find skin tone


Celebs with Warm Undertone

 Skin undertone test_ Warm Undertone celebs+skintones


Celebs with Neutral Undertone

 Skin undertone test_Neutral Undertone Celebs+color and skin tone


Test 1 – Vein Test

Skin undertone test_Vein test+determine skin tone


Check for your veins on your hands. Do they look blue or green to you?

Blue – You are a cool undertone

Green – You are a warm undertone

Both – You are neutral/medium undertone

Test 2 – Paper Test

Skin undertone test_Paper test+how to find your skin tone

Hold a plain sheet of paper (A4 sheet bond paper- pure white color) besides your face. It’s a neutral color. Face the mirror. This will give you an idea of your undertone. You can determine if you are a cool or warm undertone. Do not wear your makeup while you take this test.

Test3 – Jewellery Test

Skin undertone test_Jewellery test+find your skin tone

Try chunky bold gold jewellery on you and silver jewellery on you, on at a time. Check which jewellery looks better on you. Which color metal brightens up your face and compliments your skin. If your answer is:

Gold – You are warm undertone. Now you know the reason for India being the largest consumer of gold in the world. Know which country stands second? China, again yellow undertone.

Silver – You are cool undertone. Silver/ Platinum Jewellery is most common among westerners.  Predominantly we Indian have always preferred gold to any other precious metal for jewellery. Its only in the past few years we see Platinum Jewellery and the concept of white gold luring us.

Both – You are neutral undertone. Lucky you!

Test 4 – Fabric Test


Skin undertone test_Fabric Test+what is skin tone


You need stark white cloth (like the Tide detergent add) and an off white cloth. It could be any of your or family members clothing. Or you don’t need to buy or borrow them. Just visit your nearest cloth store. Pick these 2 cloths and place them on each of your shoulder. Turn sides and check into the mirror which clothes make your skin bright. Which color looks better on you? It’s fairy a prominent answer most of the time.

If your answer is Stark White – You are blue-pink/cool undertone.

If you answer is Off White – You are a yellow/warm undertone.


Test 5 – Ear Test

Skin undertone test_Ear test+undertones skin


Now this is a random test but a catalyst too. Check the color of your skin behind your ears. Obviously you can see it yourself. Take help of a friend. Preferably someone who is not color blind 😛

He/She can tell you if you have a yellow/warm or blue-pink/cool undertone. Do show him/her this post to understand the concept 🙂

These tests with help you identify your undertone and help you find the right make up and shades for you. Right shades as per your undertone. Blog coming soon.

Happy testing.


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  1. lovely article avanti… 😀 it was fun testing 😛 i knew frm before tht i am warm-neutral toned(doesnt it mean any sense :-/ ) n ur tests confirmed it :dance-left-right:

  2. Wow!!
    I never knew my skin tone actually, but this post made it easy..
    I will take every test but the ones wch were handy tests gives an idea that iam neutral undertone
    Superb post Avanti :dance-left-right:

  3. Nice post Bo :yes: I like calling u Bo, Avanti ….suits u :cute: I must be warm toned for sure coz hubby tells me a hundred timed dat i’m yellow 😛

  4. I think I’m a cool undertone ! Based on the vein test ! Jewellery mein toh both look equally good , but I lean towards silver!

    Thanks for the very informative post 🙂


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