Skin whitening – Face pack for skin whitening with step by step pictures

This post is for Sphoorthy A
We all look for skin whitening products and natural skin whitener.It is not that being dark or dusky is bad but we all want to be a shade lighter only.I have never heard from some one saying in India that they want to be shade darker .Infact I have seen ultra fair girl buying skin whitening creams .
I myself buy skin whitening creams but most of the time I depend on herbal remedies because I am shit scared of whitening creams ingredients.If I buy them then I surely check out their ingredients.I have received few mails from girls asking for a herbal remedy to lighten skin tone etc therefore I thought of doing this post.
Few ingredients helps in skin whitening such as egg white, almonds, gram flour(besan), lemon juice, milk etc.Leaving beside lemon juice most of the ingredients suits sensitive skin easily.Below is the pack which will give one 2-3 shade lighter tone if used every day.Just prepare the ingredients before hand and use it 10 minutes before your bath.There will be a nice glow also with this pack.
This is how we go about with this skin whitening face pack.
Step1 -Take four almond and crush them .You can powder some 50 grams of almonds and store them in an air tight container .Making powder of four almonds is little difficult.)
Step 2– Add 1tbsp of gram flour in the crushed almonds.
Step3 – Add 1 tbsp. of milk.
Step4 – Add 1tsp. of lemon juice.
Make a thick paste like this.
Apply it on your face for 10 minutes and wash it off with water.
Lemon will bleach your face naturally and almond will give the glow.:) Gram flour and milk will add to the fairness.
For Dry skin you can add 1tsp. of glycerine into the pack.
You can use this pack every day .Pack is little drying so do not forget to use toner and a moisturizer after applying it.
There are few other fairness packs also which I have tried and have worked for me.I will share with you guys soon.
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  1. HI Anamika,

    This sounds like a good fairness pack.

    A very similar pack that works amazingly well for me is as follows :

    Grind 10 almonds, half cup masoor dal and the dried orange peels of 2 oranges in the mixer (peels take about a week to dry completely if kept out in the sun everyday. Make sure the peel is completely dry before grinding else the mixture will turn bad due to moisture).

    Store this in an airtight container.

    Before bath or after a long day, take 2 teaspoons of this pack in a bowl and add honey, few drops of milk and lemon juice, make a paste and apply all over your face.

    While taking off the pack, rub in slow circular motions with milk and then wash off with water.

    This is a great pack for exfoliating as well as fairness and gives a very nice glow to the face

    I have been using it for ages and do not use any other pack at all on my face and it works wonders for me

  2. thank u so much Rentu …i m gonna try it after sharing all my fairness packs…

    can u use this pack every day..the one u mentioned?

  3. yes if u use raw milk Debasree it will be much better..but we generally forget to store them for face pack so i use the boiled one only..if u can then it will be great.

  4. Yes, I use it every day. Use it either in the morning or evening, whatever suits you. If you have dry skin, the honey and milk are particularly useful to soften and moisten the skin.

  5. Hi Anamika
    why not have a special post on aging people. ladies whose half hair has already turned grey, who have started having lines on the face,

  6. Gr8 facepack.. I love using ground almonds for the face. One of my quick fix packs is soaking almonds overnight & making a paste in the morning with little milk cream (as I have dry skin, you can use milk) and then using that as exfoliant. Works gr8 πŸ™‚
    My recent post Khadi Mauri Facewash – Review

  7. I like besan face packs a lot bcoz besan is the best natural cleanser! I use to apply almond paste with honey & it certainly gave glow but now I think I should come off from the laziness phase & start using these homemade tips!
    BTW emailed you! Plz check

  8. @ anamika yeah! i'm new to wiseshe! but i read almost all ur posts in couple of days! πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ n i must say, U n ur team rock!!!!!

  9. hey, thnx a ton dear,u made tht sound very simple!!, i’m gonna give it try,, but is for face only, coz i have severely tanned arms and legs, so much so tht i hve the design of my swimming costume and even flip flops :teeth:

  10. Hi, Ana, thnx honey,
    do i need to add, something in besan,,curd/malai/rose water etc., i hve normal to DRY skin. πŸ™

  11. How long one has to use this pack? What happens after discontinuing this?
    :OI used almond paste for 1 week and had a glow!!!( :king: )But lost it after i stopped it!!( :wallbash: )

  12. Hi anamika,
    your face pack sounds great..but i wanted to know, whether the almonds should be soaked in water before grinding? Also how long does it take for one to notice the first change?

  13. hi der……

    My skinn is going through very bad phase…firstly it got dark and pigmented…i have dark spot on my face(jhaiyaan)

    i used a cream for one month..after dat my skin start peeling off…and spoted area became more dark πŸ™
    it became ssssssooooooo bad…wshat shoul i do..?plzz suggest some remedies..


  14. hw sweet πŸ™‚
    u replied thx alot πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

    actually em using glycolic acid cream 6% and now my skin start peeling off..
    Doc said its normal process..

    Actualy i want to know can i use badam pack after rinse off this cream??
    Or i should use it before applying cream? :S
    Em so confused my skin became so dry πŸ™

    plzz help πŸ™‚
    thx in adv πŸ™‚

  15. Great one Anamika…
    After shifting to Delhi frm Gujarat my skin started showing diff behaviour..
    I am fair bt it lost its fairness, and bcame tanned too…
    Its just 1 week and it has started showing positive change…
    Showing such a simple recipe that its very easy esp for We men’s.. As its easy to made even my roomies started using this πŸ™‚

  16. and can you suggest anything for an uneven skin tone?
    i have pinkish nose and chin, fairer cheeks, darker forehead n under eyes. please tell me a home, herbal cure. πŸ™‚
    write me back at [email protected]
    thank you so much.

  17. hi anamika
    i jst luvd ur tips bt i hv a diffrnt prblm wid ma skin…. M 21 nw n ma skin is fair bt it doesnt glow at all…. Plz help me wid dis…. πŸ™

  18. thanx alot anamika bt i used to drink lots n lots of watr….. Which fruits would b better????? Cn i mix sumthing in d yogurt bcoz m a bit allergic to itz direct smell…….

  19. hi anamika mam,
    how are u?
    now only i saw your website. wow.its awsome. and, ma questoin is, what kind of milk i can use this pack? can i use coconut milk for this pack?
    thank u

  20. Hi anamika.
    I just saw ur site.I just wanted to know that I have an extremely sensitive skin,I have allergy 2 almost every cream n xtrmly dry skin but I can find no solution 2 it.n taning is so bad dat till date nothing has worked.plz suGgest me something.m also allergic to sunscream like lakme,vlcc.I am really tierd plz suggest smething.

  21. just amazing my wedding is just 20 days away … n this tips will surely make wonders… can u tell me how to detann my legs they r very dull anamika can i have same pack

  22. :hammer: heyy… i’ve a suggestion too. soak three almonds in milk overnight. grind it along with the milk the next day and apply on ur face. wash it off after 20 minutes. am sure u’ll love it.

  23. sounds really nice.. am eager to start this and see the results.. just one question though.. do we wash facewash before applying this pack, or can it be applied directly in the morning after washing face with water… also can i use this pack in the morning and apply just yogurt at night?? want to do my best to get results fast… thanks

  24. Hi Anamika,
    My skin is normal, not dry and not so oily. Can I use it? Please help me out. My skin become dark day by day and also loose it’s glow.

  25. hai
    i have dark skin
    and i live in a hostel no storage available for milk
    can i use milk powder instead of raw milk
    please suggest some other thing if its not good to use milk powder


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