Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask Review



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Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask

We do makeup, we dress up, all this just to good look!

Do we ever wear wrinkled/ messy clothes no matter how good and expensive they may be? No we don’t, we iron them before.

So why many times a good face is relied upon good makeup. My dear gorgeous people, the secret to a beautiful face is of course a well blended flawless makeup but a well pampered & cared face looks even better with makeup just the way the expensive clothes will only look good after they are ironed..

Face masks is one thing that I love using a lot not just because they will make my skin look beautiful but also because it is a good 15 – 20 minutes of face pampering that I very often neglect due to busy schedules. Now I am actually kicking my lazy soul and surely getting into a good beauty regime.


Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask


The September Fab Bag just in the right time came in my hand and got me this Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask.

This mask is mainly for curing & preventing acne and giving glow to your skin. I was skeptical about its performance on my dry skin, read on to know if it fared well:

About Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask:

Inspired from the ancient Japanese skincare regime, this green tea based, antioxidant rich face mask slows aging and wrinkles. This is a 100 percent natural acne control formula that removes toxins from your skin and gives you a more youthful appearance.  Organic Green Tea works as a very effective sun guard and acne control agent. Rice flour acts as a natural whitening agent and adds glow to the skin.

Ingredients: Rice Flour, Organic Green Tea

Directions For Use: Take one teaspoon of Mask Powder and add three teaspoons of hot water to make a paste. After this mixture cools down, apply on clean skin and let it dry. Wash with plain water and moisturize.

Price: 1,750.00 INR

Net Wt: 1.76oz – 50g


Skin Yoga Green Tea FaceMask


My experience with Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask:

Packaging: I received a 5.6 gm cute sample sized bottle of this pack. The packaging is absolutely adorable. It comes in a golden colored outer carton box. The mask is in a small glass bottle that has a cork to shut the bottle. The main attraction was the cork and the jute nest that worked as the bottle’s guard when it was in the carton box.

Texture: When in powder form the texture actually appears to be grainy and scrubby. But the sooner you mix in water to make it a paste the grains are totally dissolved and all you have a smooth face pack without any exfoliating granules.


Green Tea Face Mask Skin Yoga


My Take: As I already mentioned that I has some suspicion about this face mask as it was not as per my skin type but to my wonder this face mask does not overly dry my skin out unlike any other pimple treating face mask.

I followed the instructions about usage and used it twice. Since I do not have any pimple at this moment (touchwood) I cannot really comment about its efficiency there, but I still am not very sure about its performance on oily skins because I am very sure that pimple face masks can never work similarly for both oily and dry skins.

Coming to the glow claim I do not see any such drastic glow, all I had was just a clean and refreshed skin.


Skin Yoga Green Tea FaceMask swatch


So overall I did not feel that there is something very wow about this face mask at least for this price absolutely not. All I am happy about is that it did not overly dry out my face.

What I Like About Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask:

  • Very cute packaging makes me happy every time I see it.
  • Sans any bothering fragrance.
  • Does not dry my skin out unlike other face masks meant for curing pimples.

What I Don’t Like About Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask:

  • No brightening effect.
  • The sun protection claim is misleading because sun protection needs to be done daily and this mask(or any other such face mask) cannot be applied daily.
  • I doubt its efficiency on stubborn pimple prone skins.
  • Expensive

Rating: 2.5/5

Will I Recommend: Not at all, there are way better face mask available at this price or even lower prices.

Have you tried Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask?

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    • I agree that the packaging is good, but dear you need not repent much for this product, it does not do much you see:)


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