My Empties This December 2014 :)


My Empties This December 2014 🙂

Hello Everyone,

Today I am to here with an interesting post on the empties of this month. I have never done any empties post on the blog so far but now after all these year I thought why not share this too with you guys. Also the New Year is a week away so I thought that I will surely  be sharing this too with all my beloved readers. Doing the empties products will do two things, first it will keep me updated and I will know what products I need to pick again and that will happen only if I am able to finish the whole product. Generally we lack in finishing off the whole product due to irregularity in usage. Well, I would give the credit to Youtube Channel as I got to test and use the product many more time then I use to do before 🙂

hair care for dry hair and skin

L’Oreal shampoo and conditioner

I hope you remember these products from my Mini Skin & Hair Care Haul. Well, I finally managed to complete it. It is certainly not a must have product for me. It is pricey and doesn’t works so well that I shell out that much amount on these two products again. I am certainly not going to pick these products again. The products are not suitable product for dry hair like mine and so I will skip these! 🙂

hair shampoo india

Forest Essential Madhulika Nourishing Lep

I have already reviewed this product from the Luxury Ayurvedic Brand of Forest Essentials. It is nice and works with average performance. Honey nourishment is really good for dull skin during the summers. It is surely a repurchase material  but the thing is that during the winter season it may not be so effective on the dry and parched skin. The season calls for a mask which has intensive moisturization along with the providing rejuvenation to the dry & lifeless skin. Currently I am really fond of using The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Mask .

skin mask forest essential

H20 cleanser –

I am really happy to say that this was my second purchase and I  managed to finish it off this time again using it consistently. It is really one of my favorite products and I absolutely love using it. However, I think now I want to to try the Za Cleanser which is raved among the beauty bloggers all over the blogosphere. It is already reviewed on the blog. So lets see if it works better than the one I have used from H2O.

faicial cleanser

Garnier BB cream-

I have used this product again and was able to finish it pretty soon. It works good for my dry skin during the winter season. I think I might repurchase it again for the coming winter months.

You can buy garnier bb cream from here .

tinted moisturiser garnier

The Body shop Vitamin E Moisturizer

I have already reviewed this hydrating cream for the skin which is really good for dry skin. However, I would try to pick something else  now after this has been finished. By the time you will be reading the post, it will be completely empty! 🙂

skin care body shop moisturiser

Well, this was all I finished off completely in the current month. I hope you like My First Empties Post! I would love to know your feedback girls! 🙂

Also, if you guys want me to try out some products and review them for you here then do let me know! I would be really happy to do that 🙂

I will see you again next month. Have fun!

What products have you emptied this month?

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