Skincare routine for women over 35!


Skincare routine for women over 35!

Once in 30’s, some women stop taking care of themselves or feeling good about themselves, as they feel they have now gotten old and this all does not suit them! This is a very wrong thought process and it needs to be changed. I do not understand who has defined the agility to begin at 30s, in fact I have seen women look prettier in their 40’s. The biggest examples would be Rekha who must be in her 60s or Aishwarya Rai Bacchan or may be Madhuri Dixit,

Karisma Kapoor

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I agree they are celebrities but what are they doing to defy ageing, which is natural?

Nothing much! They follow a set regime or a routine for skincare. And this is what we must follow too. It just gets necessary by 35 years to follow this regime rigorously.

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At 35 years, what we get as a sign from nature is in the form of wrinkles, sagging skin, paleness, thin appearance, age spots and dryness. To work on all these, we need to have a strict routine which is not that difficult to follow and can help us prevent ageing from appearing that vigorously.

Drink water


Drinking water always helps against skin ageing. It helps kill the dead skin and prevents wrinkles from appearing earlier than they should. If you have been in a good habit of drinking water, you can see the difference yourself between your skin and someone who is not drinking this much water or is your age.

Prevent yourself from the Sun

Sun is a big enemy once you are above 30s. One must not face the sun to avoid skin burn as beginning with this age; skin becomes less receptive to sun. It does not mean that you cannot move out in the sun. It just means that you should apply SPF 30 or more sunblock cream before you move out. This is not something we do not do when we are not 35. We just have to routinely do it and not to miss it.

Eating Habits

We need to improvise or rather improve on our eating habits. We should start early on it to prevent the ageing signs from appearing. Avocados and Eggs are said to be a girl’s best friends when it comes to skincare. Do involve more avocados and eggs in your routine. Tomatoes also help in slowing the skin ageing process so having a lot of tomatoes could also help.

Soaps and Moisturizers

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At 35, you cannot afford to leave your skin dry or loose. Always go for a skin friendly moisturizer so that your skin is not dry and always supple which makes it uplifted and prevents ageing. Also, use mild or gentle soaps for your facial skin and body overall to prevent dryness and sagging of skin. Always keep your skin hydrated and alive.

Anti-ageing creams

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Do include them in your routine. Creams like Olay are quite successful and are being used all the world over and women approve of it as being very effective on fine lines. Do use the night creams or day creams that have good reviews.

I hope you are now at a comfort level of facing your age with total grace. Ageing cannot be prevented but it can be physically delayed. We can face ageing with all our smiles intact and so should we be doing it!

Have you tried these routine for ageing?

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