Skincare Shopping Experience With Luxola.Com : Website Review


Skincare Shopping Experience With Luxola.Com : Website Review

Hello Everyone,

Today I am here to share my mini skincare haul from an online portal and I will also be sharing my shopping experience with this website.

 luxola website review


Bringing the best brands from around the world to one accessible platform, and ensuring that every product is 100% authentic. Today, Luxola works with over 200 of the worlds’ leading brands and carry over 4,000 products.

Luxola came into existence in the mid 2011 and after being successful in the South East Asian countries, it spread it reach to other prominent countries in the world. Currently, Indians too can enjoy the products from Luxola with their unique free shipping policy above a stipulated limit of amount.

My Shopping Experience with

Personally, I have been hearing so many great words about this online portal and how the products offered by them are surely one of the best brands in the makeup & skincare world and that too can be availed for free shipping to any place in the country with a very apt minimum order amount of INR 2300 only.

I happened to shop for the first time from this portal and I am very positive that I will be shopping again with them. The best thing about the shopping was that their delivery was quite prompt & quick and that there was practically no hassle of customs involved in this. Guys, my order reached me the exact 6th day! Can you believe this?

luxola skincare haul

I really find it very convenient because most of the international shopping portals have to undergo a lot of custom checks and we sometimes need to pay extra for the stuff which is not the case with this portal. You pay for only the products purchased.

Well, I happened to shop some skincare products from Luxola and these are mainly imported brands which we don’t get in India and other shopping sites have high shipping costs in any case.

I am really delighted that now our favorite brands of makeup & skincare are just a click away from us.

It comes in a nice bubble wrapped packaging. I ordered two products initially!

SK-II Pitera Essence Flower Set- INR 4702

It has basically three products which comprises of

  • Facial Treatment Essence
  • Facial Treatment Lotion
  • A Facial Mask

luxola SK-II products

I have been using the SK-II set and I will be reviewing it soon on the blog! 🙂

Anne Semonin Express Radiance Ice Cubes- INR 5034

luxola skincare products

This is something I was really curious about and wanted to use as these are actually packaged as little ice cubes which need to be kept in the freezer and then used. There are 8 cubes in this and contain 7ml of product. It claims to reduce anti-aging signs and reveal a brighter complexion.

I have enjoyed shopping with this and if you too are interested in shopping from this site, there is an exclusive coupon code for all Wise She readers as they can avail a discount of 30% site wide for all the first time orders. The exclusive coupon code is BLX-WISESHE and is applicable at checkout! 🙂

However there are some brands on which this discount cannot be availed and they are mentioned below-

  • Dercos by Vichy
  • Dr. Wu Clinical Skincare
  • Real Techniques
  • SkinCeuticals
  • Vichy
  • Origins

Well, out of 200 brands, I don’t mind that only these few are not covered in the discount and rest of all the products have 30% off on the first order!

So what are you guys waiting for! I hope you wouldn’t let this opportunity skip and enjoy the great and breakthrough shopping experience of your favorite brands.

I hope you liked the video! Please subscribe for the coming reviews and more shopping experiences and product reviews!

Don’t forget to use the exclusive coupon code  BLX-WISESHE to avail 30% off on your first purchase 🙂

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  1. I enjoyed my shopping experience with Luxola too. I am from Mumbai. I just started a blog today and my very first post is the Luxola haul. You can check it out if you wish to 🙂 I am still working on my blog so few details are incomplete. But my post is complete with pictures.

    • Forgot to mention-Great haul Zara. I have been following wiseshe for over 2 years now. I am planning on ordering some sleek blushes from Luxola. Since you are a pro with blushes can you tell me what blush shade to go for? I am NC40 in MAC. Thank you 🙂

  2. Those ice cubes look interesting, I wanna see its review, I got loads of Zoeva makeup brush , sigma brushes n gel liners and sleek stuff from luxola like there is no tomorrow :p


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