Skinyoga Oats And Rose Facewash Review/ First Impressions


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Skinyoga Oats and Rose Facewash

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How about some goody goody product talk today?

I love all natural skincare products. Natural skincare products are boon for skin. I recently received a sample of the Skinyoga Oats and Rose Facewash and I was more than excited to try this. It is dry face wash and the packaging is for sure very luring.

Skinyoga Oats and Rose Facewash - Info

Since I received a very tiny sample of this, reviewing it will not be possible; however to not keep the product away from you I have decided to share the first impressions with you all.

Skinyoga Oats and Rose Facewash (2)

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About Skinyoga Oats and Rose Facewash

For Toning and Cleansing.

Rose petals are considered to be a natural toner and an excellent sunblock. Oats contain natural cleansers that remove dirt and oil from the pores without causing irritation. This vitamin C enriched combination with real rose petals will leave your skin feeling protected, clean and toned.

Skinyoga Oats and Rose Facewash

Directions For Use: Take approximately 1 tsp of the powder in cupped hand. Add few drops of water to make a paste. Apply to face and massage gently into skin. Rinse thoroughly.

Price: Rs. 1450 for 50 gm

Packaging: I cannot get over its cute packaging. I have really no clue about the retail packaging of this dry face wash but the sample packaging was well thought and luring. With just the packaging, I had a sudden urge to use this face wash. I received a 0.2 Oz of this product. The quantity explains it all, how small sized bottle will be holding this sample.

Skinyoga Oats and Rose Facewash - Packaging

The product came in a wooden box and inside was the tiny glass bottle that had a cork to close the bottle. The packaging speaks loud and clear that it is a natural product. The packaging is not travel friendly considering the glass bottle.

Texture: As the name suggests it is oats and rose dry face wash. The face wash is in powdered form and when mixed with water, it becomes a grainy paste. The paste is not such that it is going to spread all over but is like a sticky-grainy paste and works more like a scrub.

Skinyoga Oats and Rose Facewash - Texture

Fragrance: When in dry form I could not smell much of rose, but when it is in wet form the roses’ aroma rule it. The fragrance is very pleasing and nothing overwhelming.

My Experience with Skinyoga Oats and Rose Facewash

This is not the first time when I have used a dry face wash. I have used Gia’s dry face wash, which I absolutely adore and this was me using a dry face wash second time.

Honestly If I had used this sample as directed by the brand, I could have used it only twice-thrice. The face wash cleanses the face well and is not drying, rather leaves a moisturized effect. This face wash is very gentle and mild. Though it cleanses the face well but this face wash certainly does not remove all the makeup effectively.

Skinyoga Oats and Rose Facewash - Wet Wash

After returning home from office, I used this face wash and then used a wet wipe, after doing so I could actually trace makeup on the wipe. This face wash works more like a scrub and this is the way how I am going to use it if I ever get a full sized pack of this face wash.

This is good to go for all skin types and even sensitive skins any try it without any inhibitions

To sum up the first impressions, I will conclude by saying that this is a great cleanser which works more as a scrub and can be used by all skin types.

Have you tried Skinyoga Oats And Rose Facewash?

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