Sleek Eye Dust Hypnotic Review & Swatches


Sleek Eye Dust Hypnotic

Hey all,

I was super impressed with the Sleek I-Divine Palette and their blushes,so I tought of trying some lesser known products from them like these pigments.They had goregous colours but i zeroed down to a brown shade and a blue one .I will be reviewing the blue shade called Hypnotic today.


Sleek Eye Dust Hypnotic Review+sleek cosmetics


I happened to buy these without any research online. Good idea or not? Read on.

Fyi: I’ll keep it short .

Price: 3.99 usd ( roughly 200 rs)

Ingredients: Talc, Dimethicone, Mica, Methylparaben and Propylparaben. May contain: CI 77007, CI77510, CI15850, CI45410, CI19140, CI42090, CI77492, CI77491, CI77499. Suitable for vegetarians. Not suitable for vegans.


Sleek Eye Dust Hypnotic Review Shade Name+eye eyeshadow


My experience with Sleek Eye Dust Hypnotic:-


The pigments are not finely ground pigments but more like crushed pigments with look rather gritty in the pot. However, once u dip your brush in and press the brush down the pigments adhere themeselves to the brush.

First negative point: It take work to even get this thing to adhere to the brush!! The packaging is a round plastic pot with a sifter and a black screw on lid.


Sleek Eye Dust Hypnotic Review Package+sleek makeup


The pigmentation is fabulous and the colour is an exact dupe of All Night Blue from the LOreal Infallible collection or MAC’s Deep Truth eyeshadow.

The staying power is great as well and it stayed on my eyelids without a primer for 6-7 hours.

Now comes the real thing as to why I hate this product:

The fall out!! This product spreads more across your face rather than staying put on the eyes during application. Maybe its because of the gritty texture or what, have no idea.


Sleek Eye Dust Hypnotic Swatches:-

Sleek Eye Dust Hypnotic Review Hand Swatch+reviews of makeup



Every time I have applied it, I have had to clean up my eye area and re do my concealer and foundation which is something I HATE!! It works well when wet ,but since the particles are gritty, you may end up with clumps on your eyelids or an uneven application.

When, I was trying to do an EOTD for the product,my hubby told me you look like you fell off the stairs as the pigment had spread all over my face. You can see in the swatch that how the product spreads.

Its the same story with the other shade as well ,

So in short run in the other direction when you see this product.The gritty particles irritated my eyes as I wear contacts so after that I have stopped using it and will probably give it away to my nephew to use as craft glitter. Atleast someone will get some use out of it.



Sleek Eye Dust Hypnotic Review Blended Hand Swatch+makeup reviews


I am not bothering with an EOTD as the fall out and the mess is really too much to deal with.This is how it looks when blended

In short, I will say skip this one as only the colour and pigmentation is good, but in all other aspects its an absolute dud. Go for Loreal Infallible All Night Blue instead.

I am not even listing out the pros and cons of this product as you can read that its an absolute dud

My rating: 1/5

Have you tried Sleek Eye Dust Hypnotic ?


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  1. D color is gorgeous but m a total klutz n hav never used a pigment ever…the lack f experience coupked wid d fallout spells trpuble fr me .. 🙂

    Thumbs down t dis one..sleek! Ye tune kya kiya!

    • As pretty as they looked in the pot… they r a mess to work with.. MAC/faces pigmentr are more finely milled so they dont fly all over

  2. Yikes….that’s too bad ya. I hate messy products too. Plus, they’re the LAST thing u wanna use when you’re in a hurry

  3. 1/5 , fallout…Ohh a dud from Sleek, never thought as I have always read good about the brand.
    but the color looks gorgeous na Shweta.


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