Sleek iDivine Storm Palette Review Swatches |sleek i divine storm palette swatches


Hi All,

This post I owe all to Keerthi…She once happened to make a double order for Sleek and wanted to sell the extras…Luckily, I was around at the time and thanks to her, I got my very first Sleek Palette!! yeyyy!!!



Sleek iDivine Storm Palette review+ sleek


I doubt whether this palette is a stranger to you…It’s Sleek’s most popular palette so far followed by the Oh So Special Palette..Let’s check it out further…


About Sleek iDivine Palette

Sleek MakeUP’s legendary i-Divines are 12 shades of high-quality, super-pigmented eyeshadow, suited to every skin tone.

Price: $9
Sleek iDivine Storm Palette review

My experience with Sleek iDivine Storm Palette:-


  •  Pigmentation: One word…FANTASTIC! I am amazed at how pigmented each and every shade is…There isn’t even 1 shade which doesn’t meet the mark..Pigmentation is so intense that a very tiny dip in the palette is all that’s required. Regardless of whether the shade is a light one or a dark one, they are all amazing..
  • Texture: All shades are  soft and blend well. Yes, the darker shades do have some fallout which would probably be the only con I can think of 🙂
  • Staying Power: I can honestly say these last more than 6hrs..tried n tested gals..
  • Versatility: The shades are so vast that it’s mind boggling! You have highlighters, shimmery shades, mattes..and all these shades can be used easily on the lower lashline too…

Sleek iDivine Storm Palette review+ sleek storm palette


A simple neutral look for work? A sultry smokey eye? A classic chic look?
This palette makes all this and more possible. Having this palette is like striking gold!! even for an eye makeup newbie like me, its encouraging to try new looks…doesn’t require much effort while blending and each shade seems to melt into each other when applied…Excellent formula!


The fallout is kinda irritating tho..If you see the eotd below, you’ll notice that my under eye area looks darker than usual. This is not because of the dark circles but the fallout…I had no idea the darker shades would have such a lot of fallout and so applied concealor and all before doing my eye makeup…Guess I should have waited..and I really didn’t have the patience to re-do it all..hehe..


Swatches of  Sleek iDivine Storm Palette:-

Sleek iDivine Storm Palette review+ sleek eyeshadow

Sleek iDivine Storm Palette review+ sleek eyeshadow swatches



Sleek iDivine Storm Palette review+ sleek eyeshadow palette

Sleek iDivine Storm Palette review+ sleek storm palette swatches

Sleek iDivine Storm Palette review+ sleek palette

Sleek iDivine Storm Palette review+ sleek idivine swatches


And here it is on my eye..I used a Gold beige in the inner corner and the sapphire blue in the crease with the matte black to deepen the look.


Sleek iDivine Storm Palette review+ sleek eotd

Sleek iDivine Storm Palette review+ sleek eyeshadow look
Sleek iDivine Storm Palette review+ sleek eye look

What I love about Sleek iDivine Storm Palette:-


  • Get 12 eyeshadows in a single palette
  • Comes with a full sized mirror an an applicator
  • Compact and travel friendly
  • The most versatile shades ever!
  • Easy to blend.
  • Can create a plethora of shades from this palette.
  • All shades in this palette are intensely pigmented.


What I dislike about the Sleek iDivine Storm Palette:-


  • The darker shades have alot of fallout.


Ratings:  5/5


Have you tried the Sleek iDivine Storm Palette?

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  1. looking gorgeous in the last pic zara….i also wanted to get this palette but i have oh so special,bad girls and au naturell with me…

  2. such beautiful stash of colors .. i am eyeing this one, original palette and my fav is bad girl ..
    Z .. i am still searching dictionary for an adjective to describe u . i’ll tell you when i find it ..

      • yes .. i have .. so i m not sure wat to buy .. i want want want bad girl .. and i am willing to buy 1 more .. suggest a good one na Z .. storm / oh so spl / original ???

  3. I so want this but I keep losing packages and now sworn off ordering from intl sites….girls if you are ordering for yourselves from Sleek, will u plz plz let me know so that I can pitch in?? Plzzz 🙂

  4. I so want the STORM for myself now…but m tooo confused shud i get? the storm palette from sleek OR Heaven n earth from MUA?? ?:-)

    Zeee baby… sultry eye make up haa… ur luking damn beautiful n hawt btw wats on ur lips? :inlove: :lipstick:

  5. Zeeeeee evrytime i feel like telling u this is ur best FOTD ever, n u keep getting better n better!! :beauty: Eyeshadows really seem to suit u…looking gorgeous dear :-)) Love the pigmentation of these shadows. I like this one n oh so special. I have a feeling Poorna is goin to review the latter 😉


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