Sleek Life’s A Peach Blush Review & Swatches


Sleek Life’s A peach blush

We tend to miss lot of things in our life – thinking it’s not our cup of tea, but actually it often is. This is exactly what happened with Sleek Life’s A peach blush with me.First time when I saw Life’s A Peach blush I had this feeling that it won’t suit me at all but my opinion changed when I used it for the first time.


Sleek Life'S a Peach blush+sleek life's a peach blush reviews


  • Packaging :- Blush comes in usual sleek packaging which is sturdy and compact and a small cute mirror in it which by the way is quite usable. I never have to think twice while packing up sleek. Their blushes always stay intact in my bag and my hands reaches for them most of the time for my touch ups.

Sleek Life’s A Peach Blush Ingredients:-


Sleek Life's a Peach reviews+sleek life's a peach


It’s definitely a shade for dusky beauties which gives the cheeks a fresh glow.It’s a nicely pigmented and blendable. Texture of the blush is smooth and one can build up the pigmentation .The powdery texture blends well and will suit olive skin tone.


Sleek Life'S a Peach Review +sleek life's a peach swatch+sleek blush reviews


It’s a sheer orange-peach  which is matte  and is kind of a blush  which you will pick up on every day basis and go to office or to the grocery store.

Staying power of the blush is not that great and last about four hours and then fades away.


 Sleek Life’s A Peach Blush Swatches:-


sleek life's a peach blush swatches+sleek life's a peach blush finger swatches


It has no shimmer or glitter and gives that desired natural flush .On my left I have swiped it once and on right it has been swatched multiple times and blended out.


sleek life's a peach swatch+sleek life's a peach swatches


What I liked about Sleek Life’s A Peach Blush:-


  • Affordable if one can pool up the delivery in India
  • Sturdy Packaging with an inbuilt mirror
  • Will suit dusky beauties beautifully
  • Smooth and bendable


What I do not like about Sleek Life’s A Peach Blush:-

  • With time the upper layer of the blush gets harder and blush doesn’t remain that smooth .One has to scratch it up or use it frequently to avoid that.
  • It looks darker in the pan but actually is quite sheer.


Recommendation - Only to those who are fond of sheer peach  shades and if you are lighter skin tone (NC 32-36)it will give you that no makeup look.


Have you tried Sleek Life’s A Peach Blush?


Wise She Rating – 3.5/5

  • Price Vs Quality – 3.5/5
  • Pigmentation – 4/5
  • Blending – 4/5


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  1. This one has been on my wishlist for a long time now! Life’s a peach and coral shades have been haunting me forever 😛 Maybe its time to buy them finally =D I love the quality of Sleek blushes and their staying power is also simply awesome 🙂

      • Done lady! I’ll be buying them next month.. After the 10th of November, my shopping ban ends then.. I’m eyeing Life’s a peach, coral – in blushes, and the Oh so special and Original palette..
        Zee, a quick question, I’m not a big eye shadow person, so a palette from sleek and the likes shud be good enuf right?

        • Ooh nice!!! Don’t forget to tell me ok? I haven’t hauled in a while too…

          Haan…sleek palettes shud b perfect…also check the storm palette..I think it wud look superb on u…it also has d kinda shades which ain’t too loud or gaudy…u can use it for a smokey eye or for a chic look also..

          • I have strom 😛 I need to review it.. I have been using the brown and black shade a lot infact 😀
            I’ll definitely tell you when am hauling 😀 Its going to be fun! I’ve finally zeroed on MAC breezy and peachtwist 🙂 I’ll need to look out for lippies now.. and hey, do you think MAC stuido fix liquid is good or shud I just go with their powder.?

            • To be very onest I’ve never used their foundis.. Never even tried them…so I probably won’t b ale t comment accurately..I’ve always gotten the right foundi shades in other brands so never bothers…ek tho they never finish also! Hehe..

  2. Everytime I go to the Sleek website, I’m overwhelmed by the choice and my cart is flooded! I just can’t decide and I end up buying nothing! Too many pretty blushes…

    • Hi Xuvious.
      recently i added all the things in my cart it was 2 in the morning but later on i added more palettes and then i realized i reached 100 dollar..i closed my laptop and went to sleep..:P this is the life of online shopping addicts 😀

  3. U added to 100 dollars and then closed?:-P lol even I go to majorbrands and do d same.but this time pakka am getting if they put diwali sale:-P

  4. Ana, thanks a bunch for the compliment 🙂 I just dabbed some compact on my face and some lippie with brown colour gloss! 😀
    Jan: Sure sure vaa, lets go shopping 😀 We must definitely check out kroylan, am eyeing their lippies and blushes! 😀 And yes, treat is totally on the cards 🙂


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