Sleek Magnitude Mascara in Deep Blue Review


Sleek Magnitude 

I love mascaras…not as much as blushes mind you its a strong love nonetheless. Although i hardly every hesitate to spend a larger amount on blush, I somehow can’t convince myself to buy a mascara above 500 or 600 bucks..infact, the cheaper the better…but cheaper doesn’t always  mean it works best and this mascara from Sleek is a prime example of this.


Sleek Magnitude Mascara in Deep Blue Review+sleek  cosmetics

About Sleek Magnitude Mascara

An innovative two step mascara that gives the illusion of false lashes.

Price: $5.99


Sleek Magnitude Mascara in Deep Blue Review+sleek mascara

My experience using Sleek Magnitude Mascara

When I first saw this, I was really excited and ordered it immediately..My lashes are dense but at the same time are quite thin and nondescript… Hence, i usually need a mascara to make them look defined and lush. I’ve been using the Maybelline Colossal Volume mascara since ages (and did try NYX and Colorbar in between) and was quite bored with it and thought to try this out. What followed was NOT good..Sleek Magnitude Mascara in Deep Blue Review+sleek magnitude mascara

As you can see from the attractive blue, white and gold packaging, it is a dual ended mascara with one end for lengthening the lashes and the other to volumise. Initially I though tthis would be like the Colorbar mascara which was similar but then I opened it and realised I was wrong. Where the colorbar mascara formula was black for both lengthening and volumizing, Sleek has a white primer like formula for lengthening and the Blue shade for volumizing. This immediately was a minus in my eyes coz I would have liked the flexibility of being able to use each end individually which I can’t do with this unless I want to walk around with white lashes..Sleek Magnitude Mascara in Deep Blue Review


Next came the application..the white lengthening formula was easy enough to apply and dried quickly. Then I used the volumizing end and therein lies the problem. The brush simply isn’t built for coating the lashes evenly. As a result, unless you spend extra time on mascara alone, its very difficult to cover all the white. So I thought, “Ok..let me apply a 2nd coat.” Then started the next problem..The mascara started clumping like crazy. So much so that I had to use a brow brush to separate them even after which my lashes still went haywire.. (and NO! My lashes aren’t naturally this weird).


sleek mascara


Have a look at the finished result..Can you see the white specks on my lashes?? its worse in person, believe me..


Sleek Magnitude Mascara in Deep Blue Review+blue mascara


End result: Defined lashes? yes.. Volume? Mediocre..Happy Meter? ZILCH!


Why I liked Sleek Magnitude Mascara

  • Defines the lashes well.
  • Not too pricey

Why I didn’t like Sleek Magnitude Mascara

  • Clumps after the 2nd coat
  • The primer is really thick and weighs down the the brush makes it hard to coat the primer.
  • Has to be ordered from abroad.

Rating: 1.5/5

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  1. :(…the second pic in the collage is looking scar…
    and blue mascara!!!!!………dos colored mascara make any difference…
    well, i dont use ascara at allll. 😛

  2. When I saw the packaging I had made up my mind to whine about how tempted I wAs becauae the concept seemed so’s pretty much non functional acc to the claims as per tge detailed review.Ivolumising formulae as well so colossal is a giant favourite…for lengthening many love the expensive loreal million lashes one. These drugstore brands should be made more affordable here.I hate it how their drugstore becomes our highend ( like loreal revlon and smetimes even mua) .lol. epic review. Sleek has great products otherwise in terms of shades…

    • True..i was taken in by their then again wots d use if d quality sux na.. im big time disappointed wid this..

  3. The white-and-black ended mascaras have never worked for me either – too much clumping. I’ve tried a few, from L’Oreal to Bourjois. Will give this a miss. Thanks for the honest review.

  4. Ohhh, its affordable , didnt know this bad! Mua has come out with a mascara like this in their fashionista range

  5. I thought the results were not all that bad… it did make the lashes thicker.
    Did you order from, is there any onestop online makeup website that ships to Pune?

    • Results were ok but the factcthat d white is tuff to conceal is a huge thumbs dwn na..who wants t go out with partially qhite lashes? 😉

      No dear..ordered from d compamy website nly..i dunno f any other websites dat sell sleek 🙁

  6. thats really waste of money. Maybelline Volum is way better than anything. It gives me good length and say 20-30 % volume.

  7. Masacar!! i didnt noticed it, what I was seeing is U Zara, looking too cute n pretty in the pic.
    N me never tried colored mascara, would love to try them, n its so sad that this one didnt worked up to the expectations, but loving ur pic

  8. Oops! Looks like sleek is dishing out more duds than we’d imagined. :quiet: Revlon has one similar to this but i personally avoid primer-mascara duos. It takes double the time n like u experienced, the primer peeks through making lashes appear quite strange :struggle:


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