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Few of you ask me about my brows and what I have been using to fill them up lately so let me share with you guys about the product which is matching my brows so beautifully nowadays 🙂

I am fond of filling my brows and  few of my favourite brow filling products are  MAC stud eyebrow crayon  and Body Shop Brow Kit  .MAC stud is good for those who want very natural filling brows where as Body shop brow kit is great for dark or light filling both.

sleek-brow-kit-reviews+brow-kit-dark-sleek-makeup reviews+Brow kit how to get perfect brows

Coming to sleek this is what the product claims:-

For perfectly shaped, groomed brows look no further than Sleek MakeUP’s brow kit. Complete with all the tools you’ll ever need for brows that flatter and frame your face, choose from two shades in light or dark to compliment your natural colouring. Just a few simple steps are all it takes for preened and polished brows! Begin by using the mini tweezers to remove any stray hairs for a smooth and defined result. Using the handy hard angled brush, apply the brow wax along the natural shape of your brow to create the ideal arch. Next, use the setting powder to set the wax and to fill in any sparse areas. All packaged in one handbag sized kit, your brows need never stray away!


  • Price - £7.99 (excluding shipping).Product can only be purchased online from sleek website here
  • Available Shades – Product comes in dark and light shades and as you know I am reviewing the darker shade here.

sleek-brow-kit-reviews+Sleek product review+Sleek brow kit

  • Packaging – Product comes in its usual  sturdy black plastic packaging which is divided into two compartments .In first compartment there is brow wax and second is  brow powder.Among the brow tool there is a mini tweezer, angled brush and a flat brush.There is an inbuilt mirror attached in the product and product is travel friendly.
  • Staying Power – It stays for 5-6 hours easily and then the setting powder starts fading up but it never looks patchy or uneven.

sleek-brow-kit-product-review+Sleek product reviews+Sleek brow kit dark

Sleek Brow Kit Ingredients:-

Sleek-brow-kit-ingredients.jpg+Sleek brow kit ingredients+Sleek product reviews

My experience with Sleek Brow Kit Dark

Brow wax is really pigmented , creamy and smooth and it doesn’t create patched when I apply it and blends flawlessly.As the product is really pigmented one has to be really careful while using it and one or two  layer of the wax is more than enough to get that natural looking brows.If you over do with the wax then you might have thick harsh dark brown artificial lines which won’t look good at all.Quality of the angled brush is amazing and helps in giving perfect shape to the brows.

Wax helps in giving definition to the brows but it wont’ stick the harsh hair strands into any desire shape you want :D.It’s a creamy wax or say little thick creamy eye shadow and not glue 😀

With the flat brush I dabbed the setting powder on the wax which fill up the gaps.Flat and angled brush both are helpful in doing up the brows and I will advise you not to intermix  both the brushes.

Setting powder is soft and smooth and when applied on the brow wax is hardly visible which is nice in a way as it doesn’t darken the highly pigmented wax colour more.


Brushes of the kit are really tiny .You can see in the picture below they are even smaller than a rose leaf.I particularly liked the angled and flat frush as far as tweezer is concerned it was too small for my use and I found it  difficult to pluck out hair from it.Although I was able to pluck out soft thin hair but after 2-3 use I never bothered to use it.

sleek-brow-kit-tool.jpg+Eye brow plucker sleek +Sleek brow kit brush

Swatches of  Sleek MakeUP Brow Kit in Dark Swatch

(Left) Setting powder & (Right) Brow wax

Both shades are dark chocolaty brown in colour the one which is wax is highly pigmented.

Sleek-brow-kit-swatches-brown dark

This is how my brows look after applying sleek brow kit.Quite natural and not OTT .Isn’t?

Sleek-brows-sleek-brow-kit dark on my brows

I have used it in my recent Inglot gel eyeliner 74 look here

Who might like Sleek brow kit

  •  If you like filling your brows with brown shade.If you like black shade or blackish brown then this is not your shade
  • Likes natural looking brows
  • Have gaps in between the brows
Cons about Sleek Brow Kit
  • I found the tweezer useless.
  • If you have strong harsh brows then shaping wax might not be able to define or hold the brows for long time.
  • Product is available in just two shades though this one suits me to a tee 🙂
Will I recommend it to others – Ofocurse ! It’s one of the hot selling product of Sleek right no infact it is out of stock right now:D .
  • Overall- 4.5/5
  • Availability- 2.5/5
  • Price Vs Quality – 5/5
  • Pigmentation-5/5
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Product sent by PR for consideration but it has not affected my review.Our priority will always be you 🙂


  1. Another great find A! Uv used it so well re…

    And I just cant get over the cute tiny tweezersss!!! They r chooooo chweeettt!!!

    btw A, which one would u pick? this one ot TBS wala?

  2. wow! seems to be a great buy! will think abt getting this! thank you for reviewing it di! m tired of using eyebrow pencils even tho they are convenient, the tend to look fake at tyms! I’d love to giv this a try:)

  3. this is just too perfect on you ana …. and i cant thank you enough for TBS one … :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( i loveee that and now you made me mad for this as well :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*
    and yeahhhh you have Perfecttt arch as they say … 😀 😀

    @ Zara … even me asked parlor girl and she said no 😥 😥 😥 mine is so rounded :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-((

  4. Your brows are so well-shaped A! and this products seems worth-a-buy! :yes: …those chhottu se brushes and tweezer are so cute!! :cute:

  5. Perfectly arched brows n such flawless use of the product. :yes: U r a genius with the brush. :rotfl: I have very sparse eyebrows n used eyebrow pencili know it looks fake but it was convenient to use .The parlor people asked me to use castor oil but it didnt help n i stopped applying. :quiet:

    • thanks so much Indrani..i love using my brushes 🙂

      eye brows is something which is difficult to grow if they are not genetically bushy.

  6. I’ve seen some ppl using eyebrow kit n their eyeborws looks like so much fake(one need to be talented in order to do tht) but u have done it perfectly girl

    n I think this is the first time tht am luking at ur bare eyes 😛

    • i kno Krupa..alot of ppl use a black pencil without understanding that this just makes their brows look harsh and fake..usinf browns is so much better… 🙂

  7. hey Anamika….your eyebrows look soooo perfect even without using this brow kit majorly because you hv got then in right shape….yeah….it really gives the finishing touch.
    please let me know that luxola is selling this kit at Rs. 1045. is it worth buying since this is a good product but you have deducted significant marks bcz of availability issue.
    and yes, please review ZOEVA – complete set of make up brushes…..(available at luxola at rs, 4702,,,,

    plz plz plz,,,,,,,,

  8. Hi Rati,

    I love this eye shadow kit andhave been using it since 2011 ..yes! you can see that i did this in 2011..also, i like body shop brow kit as well..not sure if they keep it or not but this one is better than body shop as well.

    I will reviewing the ZOEVA kit ..:)

  9. Hey Anamika…:) you made my day…
    Thanks so much for THE REPLY 🙂 🙂

    You are not like other bloggers….either i dont get any reply from them or the comment never shop up (moderation….)

    yeah Anamika, just one query that my post and your reply didnt come in my INBOX…. I just visited this page to check whether i get any reply or not…..why is it so that I am not getting reply in Inbox of my mail id…
    Again thanku sooooo much for reply

    Best Regards,


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