Sleek Makeup Color Corrector Palette Review


Hello My lovelies,

sleek makeup color corrector palette

Hope you all are pink in health. Concealing is one of those areas of makeup that I’ve always had trouble with. Thank god! My skin has settled down to a great extent and behaves really well. Since I have oily and acne prone skin and I have been facing mild discoloration post illness, hence I needed a color corrector badly.

Sleek makeup

After that dramatic start, let me introduce a new launch by Sleek Makeup which is the Sleek Color Corrector Palette. Sleek has introduced this palette recently and it looks quite promising as well. Color correcting can be used for so much more than for just hiding blemishes!

color corrector p sleek makeup

About Sleek Makeup Color Corrector Palette

Colour Corrector Palette is the ultimate pro tool for achieving the perfect base. The six easy-to-blend colour correctors minimize skin imperfections and counteract discolouration, leaving you with an even base for flawless foundation application.

Knowing what colour to use, and where, works as a quick fix for any skin issue.

Green: Neutralises redness ideal for concealing scars and blemishes.

Lilac: Neutralises yellow ideal for brightening sallow, dull complexions.

Blue: Neutralises orange ideal for neutralizing freckles and hyper pigmentation.

Rose: Adds radiance and brightens dark spots.

Yellow: Neutralises purple ideal for concealing veins and dark circles

Orange: Neutralises blue ideal for concealing dark circles on medium skin tones.

Price: GBP 10.49 (INR 910 Approx.), exclude Shipping.

color corrector by sleek

My Experience with Sleek Makeup Color Corrector Palette

I have been adoring Sleek base makeup. I have started learning contouring by using their contour kits,. It adds an emotional touch though Lol! Well I was not much into color correcting makeup products but after the worst phase of illness, I have been facing skin discoloration and tanned skin issues, poor me! I need one color corrector palette badly so without wasting a minute I have placed my order.

sleek color corrector palette

This baby is one of the great product of my sleek august makeup haul. I have tried it the same day I received. the packaging is to die for, it comes in a sleek matte black ,square shape compact case with in-built mirror.

color corrector by sleek makeup swatches

It has 6 shades for fixing different kind of skin discoloration. The texture of all shades are super creamy and easy to blend.

yellow color corrector by sleek makeup

It counters the discoloration of skin to an great extent and doesn’t look cakey and nicely settles down with my rest of face makeup.

sleek coloor corrector blended-001

Some shades are not meant for warm skin tones as they are very milky in nature. Sleek says it is multi functional conceal and correcting palette, we can even mix the color of this palette to get our own shade to counter the skin imperfection. I I have used mix of yellow and orange color corrector for hiding and correcting my under eye area and it worked quite fine.

color correction by sleek

I have used green color corrector to counter redness of my neckline and again it will get full marks for the word “correcting”.

before concealing rednessIt suits my NC 35 skin tone really well.  It stayed on me for a good amount of time and didn’t broke me out. But if you want clean and settled look set it with powder or foundation.I am in love with this beauty 🙂

color correction by sleek makeup

 What I like about Sleek Makeup Color Corrector Palette?

  • Sturdy and convenient packaging.
  • Great shade selection
  • Nicely Pigmented
  • Creamy texture
  • Different colors for Different type of skin discoloration
  • Comes with in-built mirror
  • Easily blendable
  • Long Lasting
  • Handy
  • Vegan
  • Good quantity for the price.

What I don’t like about Sleek Makeup Color Corrector Palette?

  • Might be wash out warm skin tones
  • Not available in India.

Rating: 4/5 ( Great Pick For Beginners)




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